I come from a small town, in Griswold, CT and currently live in my cozy, modern-country vibin' home in the city of Providence, RI.

 I grew up participating in sports all year round and performing in High School Musicals; so I may sing a little jam, talk in a funny accent, or balance on fence, to ensure I get the best shot of you!

I'm one of 5 children and plan on having a family of that size myself!
It could end up being more if they keep coming out this cute (haha), but my home will forever be a revolving door for more kids & people who need a safe place to go and be loved.

So who knows, you may be at my dinner table one day, as many of my clients have become dear friends of mine!

On a more serious note, my love for photography and documenting special moments started from having only photographs to remember my father by. Seeing those images of him and I as an infant mean the world to me and taught me the high value of documenting moments in time that you cannot get back! 

Photographer, wife to my college sweetheart, mama of 3, sushi lover, adventurous traveler, homebody, and believer in unconditional love.

I'M charity hope!


Jeremy & I met in NOLA, rebuilding homes that were damaged by hurricane Katrina in 2012. We became best friends through our love for God, fitness, & our long talks. Eventually I realized building a life together would be a great adventure. He just wished I realized that sooner!

best friend

I BELIEVE everyone should marry their

"These are a few of my favorite things" 

Photographer, wife to my college sweetheart, mama of 3, sushi lover, ADVENTUROUS-HOMEBODY, and believer in unconditional love.



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