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Mohegan Park Engagement: Jake and Cindy


Jake and Cindy are about to tie the knot this September and I could not be more excited for them! They have known each other since they were 10 years old, just weren’t very close. Years later, they would always say hello when dropping/picking their kids up from school. Jake just so happened to be neighbors with her aunt an uncle. She ended up calling him one night to ask him a couple questions for her cousin. Well Jake felt it wasn’t just a “coincidence” that they both were out of their 10 year or longer committed relationships. He decided to ask her out on a date, but I guess…he didn’t follow through, so Cindy decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and invited him out. Every since then they have been inseparable!
I particularly love this couple a little more than most, only because Jake is my oldest brother! So forgive me, but I may shed a few tears while writing this. Since they have been together for a few years now, it has been amazing to watch these two together and to see their beautiful blended family. Cindy has two gorgeous girls who have helped bring my nephew out of his shell and make him do adventurous things with them. Jake adores Cindy, he appreciates her care for him, and loves her big heart the most. Cindy appreciates his compassion towards her and his open affection of expressing his love for her. It all just makes me so happy! I insisted on taking their engagement pictures at their location of choice, which ended up working out beautifully at Mohegan Park/Rose Garden. After everything my brother has been through prior to being with Cindy, I am filled with joy when I look through these pictures and see how genuinely happy he is! We had such a good time, with so many laughs, definitely an unforgettable evening…



It is only necessary to highlight her simply elegant ring…I know she is happy to have it back and fitting well!


These trees, that bench, and them… LOVE.


Only just love and laughter between these two.



This by far has to be one of my favorites!


We all just laughed together making fun of my brother and his stiff “Arnold Schwarzenegger” like movements… which then turned into an adorable image.


That’s his woman. His main squeeze. His world!


I love the way they are looking at one another, yet you can still see her beautiful ring!


After the sunset, we left the main park and headed to the beautiful rose garden…I totally can see why they wanted to come here.

rose garden

They couldn’t help but smile and laugh as Jake attempted to give her a “dip kiss” lol


I LOVE the way he looks and smiles at her!


I must have been cracking jokes on him at this point haha… that’s what sisters do right?!




That’s my handsome big bro. (We are the only blonde hair, blue eyes in the family lol)


Cindy looking beautiful…I love her smile!


I insisted that they practiced for their first dance as husband and wife!


Even though their were many laughs…


The reality started to sink in… it was like time stood still.



I love this! … so romantic. (Jake knows my 8yr old self would have said “ew, get a room” lol)


The roses here are so beautiful!



Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Williams!


These pinks ones are just so gorgeous…


I love this…one more ring will be added before we know it!


Well Jake & Cindy, I cannot wait to be apart of your special day! I pray you both love the pictures and can cherish this special time in your lives. These seasons go by so fast, but I am so grateful to be apart of them! I love you both very much and pray you have a very happy and blessed marriage. I will always be here for you both and only want to see your love grow stronger. And Jake, even though I give you a hard time, I am proud of you and don’t think you’re THAT nutty of a brother…haha. Love you guys! -your baby Sis

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  1. Torri Briggs says:

    To my handsome cousin, Jake, I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. I love you and I’m so over-joyed to see you happy.

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