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Put the “thought” in thoughtfulness.


Everyone knows life tends to get busy and it can be non-stop. Over the years I have learned to slow down and try to enjoy everyday, but also to remember to put the “thought” in thoughtfulness.
I know in a marriage, your spouse could be put as the last priority, because well face it, you know they aren’t going anywhere. Well, that’s at least how I feel! haha… So because of that feeling, I know I could easily choose to edit more photos, listen to more training’s to grow my business, do an extra workout, etc. Same could go for your spouse.

In the spring, my husbands job causes him to travel a lot. Even though I love that he gets to do what he loves, I definitely miss him! He has learned over the years that when he is away, I need more verbal affirmation of his love. It doesn’t have to be long phone calls, but a quick text letting me know he is thinking of me, or a quick “I love You” on his lunch break. Him being away this past spring was more difficult because I was 8-9 months pregnant, and two work trips were back to back, so he was away for 2 weeks straight!!

I remember receiving a text from my co-worker at the City Hall (former place of employment), telling me that there was something at the office for me. I was so confused, why would there be something there for me? I only would come into the office, maybe once a week because I could do a lot of work from home. I told her I was on my way in and was very curious. As I got to work, I saw this vase filled with beautiful flowers in it, with my name on it….

My hubby decided to have them sent to me with an adorable note about how he missed the baby and I, and that he will see us soon. It made my day for sure, especially since I was getting really emotional, seeing that it was towards the end of the two weeks. My husband and I are always together; either at the gym, church, home, and work (since we both work a lot from home) so two weeks away was A LOT, especially because I was almost 9 months pregnant and couldn’t do everything like I use to…like putting on your shoes #struggleisreal. haha.

Honestly, he didn’t “have to” send me flowers at work. I would have been perfectly content with a phone call, or a video sent to me. I am not the biggest flowers person, even though I do enjoy them from time to time…. But there is just something about the “thought” he put into it. I didn’t always go into work that day, so he had to find out when I was going in and what time, have them delivered there, and pick out the particular flowers he knows I love. All of that “thought” spoke volumes, without him saying one word. I felt loved, cherished, and valued. Even though he knows he has me, that I would be happily waiting for him to come home, knowing his presence alone is enough, he did that because that “thought”funess goes a long way. And it really did! It helped sustain my joy until he came home. It goes to show how a little “thought” goes a long way.


But hey, he can’t be the only one putting in effort and extra “thought!” So about a month later, he had a really busy¬†work day, so I wanted to surprise him with one of his favorite dishes, Pad Thai. He LOVES Pad Thai… and our bank account was feeling it for a couple weeks because we kept ordering out to get it! I normally am the strong willed one when it comes to saving money, so saying no to going out to eat was pretty easy, but I was pregnant… so that changes things! haha… anyways, I ran to the Asian market, got all the ingredients and made this beautiful dish for him…



Let’s just say he was VERY happy and over joyed, that he even posted a picture of it on FB, sharing with everyone how happy he was to have it and me lol…

Moral of the story is yes, I could have just ordered him some because if you are pregnant, or know anyone who is or was, you don’t feel like cooking, because when it comes to food… when you want it, you want it NOW, but I didn’t. I put in the extra effort and “thought” of a way to surprise him. I had to go to the store and find all of the ingredients, carry up all of my grocery bags up the three flights of stairs, prepare and cook the meal. I had never cooked this before, but I wanted to show him how much I appreciate all of the hard work that he does. Just because I know that he isn’t going anywhere, doesn’t mean I should not show how much I really do appreciate him.

So if you love someone; can be a friend, spouse, family member,… go the extra mile and put the “thought” into thoughtfulness because it goes a long way. It lets people know you care, that you listen, and that you value them. Never underestimate what being thoughtful can do… everyone wants to feel and be loved.

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE


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