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Birthday Love for my Hub!


Today is the day my husband turns 29! I could not be more excited for him 🙂 ….there is just something about sharing each year with someone and watching them grow.
I remember the first time I was able to share Jeremy’s birthday with him…it was his 25th! At that time we were just friends. Jeremy had feelings for me then, but I just loved him as my friend. My best friend, Ramie, and I had just came back from Ocean City, then went with him to NYC to visit his best friend, Menlee. We had a fun time walking the streets and hanging out. To celebrate, we all got pedicures! I loved how Jeremy didn’t think he was too much of a “man” to get one because boyyyyy did he need one! lol.

As a gift, I secretly paid the lady for him and when we were done, we started walking down the street when he realized that he didn’t pay, and thought they forgot to take his money. I knew they wouldn’t have forgotten, and then I told him that I paid it. It was hilarious seeing his reaction…

FT2A2605Quite some time after that, when eventually we were in a committed relationship, he told me that on that trip he was frustrated, he wanted to give up on pursuing me. He felt God told him that we were going to be together, but one day he was expressing his doubts in prayer to God about us and God responded in a very profound way. He told him to unconditionally love me, like how He got him. And now look, this is the 5th Birthday I have been able to celebrate with him! I thank God every day for my husband and for giving him the strength to stay by my side for all that time just as a friend, especially those times when he was struggling…
FT2A2601Jeremy loves me for me. I never have to be someone I’m not. I never have to hide my emotions or what I am going through. We can talk to each other about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The intimacy and bond we created by being best friends first has made marriage such a joy and our love has only deepened. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. He has helped heal me in so many ways from past relationships, and is an amazing listener. He is my biggest supporter, the one who encourages me to keep pursuing my career as a photographer. He is a team player, and truly a gift. We are always trying to learn more about one another and create more memories…


This birthday celebration will be one I will want to share with you all soon! I am SUPER excited and just grateful for the life God has blessed me with. Big shout out to this man that adds so much love and joy to it! He works so hard to provide for our little family and never lets the stresses of life consume him.

For that, I thank you and know you deserve every ounce of praise and fun on this day! I love you boo boo.


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