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“Escape to the CAPE”


In a world where productivity is praised and people think that the more busy you are, the more important you are; I challenge you to “Escape to the CAPE”… not necessarily Cape Cod, like we did, but some place where you just stop. A place where cell phone service is limited, there is no wifi, no movies or television, just you, nature, and the one’s you love. I’m sharing below some pictures that captured some moments we had here, but there were many more! Since my camera is my job, well… I tried to put it away for most of the time. These are some of the amazing people my husband works with, at his supervisors (Greg & Sarah) family cabin in Cape Cod….

This is Greg, the boss man, making sure the boat was all set after they took an evening cruise. He is one of the most encouraging people I know.


The sunset and view here was absolutely amazing…that dock earlier became a life saver for Jeremy and I, a place for us to just talk alone about upcoming events.


After our time of prayer and worship, my friend Jess felt I needed pictures with my baby since I’m always the one taking them… Thanks Jess!


The love I have for her is indescribable…I love how she tries to talk to me now!


Well of course daddy had to jump in on the fun.



Both nights we had an AMAZING dinner where Adam really out did himself. I really wish now I took some pictures of it. We had tons of grilled vegetables and meat. Everything was scrumptious! We would all sit outside, looking out on the water, as we ate together.

This is the last night, where we wanted to end our time looking at the sunset together, so we took out both boats!


My hubby, always ready to pose for me lol


This is Adam…I felt it was necessary to take a picture of him taking a picture… haha


This trip was the first time my baby girl was taken out on a boat! Earlier we went to the beach and she seemed to like it. I had to bundle here all up in a towel to keep her warm 🙂


Adam made us switch seats for a family photo-op… well I am grateful now! I love these…


I don’t remember what we were laughing about here…lol. Jeremy probably said something funny


Her precious little feet… I love this.


This picture gives me the feels… my family <3


I caught Silas with his straight face on, but he is a character. I enjoyed our long talk in the hammock earlier that day, as we talked about animals and planes. It made my day <3


Adam thinking off into the distance…ok, maybe I told him to look in that direction LOL.

FT2A2112There’s his smile! He kept turning away either making a straight face or silly face… he is too cute!

This is Sarah, his beautiful mommy, she takes on motherhood with such beauty and grace, I’m so excited for her new chapter in her life as she becomes a Pastor!


That faceeeee.


So beautiful…


The lovely Jess, Heather, and Lauren caught on the other boat. We told them “you can’t sit with us!” I’m just kiddingggg. 😉


I love this!


This was my final view before we packed up our things and left. I just sat holding my baby girl, soaking in everything. I could have stayed there all summer…It is absolutely beautiful. The need for a place of peace, to calm your soul is necessity to live. It puts things in perspective, gives you broader vision, and allows you to think and dream outside of your own little bubble.


That time with her meant so much to me…


It’s amazing to think that one day, she will be a grown woman, and how right now I am raising up a child to be an independent adult. I wish she would stay this little forever, but yet I can’t wait to see her grow. #icantwin

FT2A2152My prayer is that she will forever hold onto me, even if it is from afar, knowing that myself and her father have her best interests at heart and so much unconditional love.

I hope you find yourself a place where you can escape, commune with the Creator, and reflect  upon where you been, where you are, and where you are going. A place where you can thank God and be grateful for all that you have, counting the blessings you do have, instead of what you don’t. I pray you surround yourself with genuine people, who will encourage you, uplift you, and help you grow. If you don’t have any friends like that, then I suggest you search for them, maybe in a different place, and don’t give up, because they are out there!

Ultimately, enjoy the present. Listen to those around you, there is a lot you can learn. Observe your surroundings and live in the moment because in the future you will be looking back, wishing that you did.

Much Peace,

Charity HOPE

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