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Anniversary trip to Block Island


It was a beautiful Monday morning, I was taking care of my daughter and waiting for my hubby to come home from his night shift. I was a little disappointed because we never secured our plans for celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. Well low and behold, Jeremy apparently had something up his sleeve. He told me to pack a few things and we were on our way. I had no idea where we were  going, but I love surprises so I was happy! Next thing I know, we were on the Block Island Ferry.

I think I went on this once when I was a kid, but I couldn’t remember! I was dying to go on any type of ferry this summer, thank God he was listening. lol.


With plans being in short notice, of course our little peanut had to come along! But that’s ok, she is such a good baby, just smiles, sleeps, and eats.


I love my hubby! He knows me well… and knows I’d appreciate a moment caught on camera of me for a change.
FT2A2351 How amazing to live right on the beach! It was such a beautiful day…


I love this. #proudAmerican

FT2A2376Made a way for my baby girl and I to match! <3


My boo thang…I wonder what he was thinking about lol



Makes me think about the night he proposed… I thought it was going to be in our private spot we always would go to, but he ended up doing it at my going away Christmas party, before I left for Haiti. He surprised me with my whole family there and tons of friends. It was such a great night!



As much as I loved the ferry, I was happy to dock and explore the island!





All of the boats and the beautiful blue ocean was absolutely gorgeous…


PISTACHIO ICECREAM!!! …it was SO GOOD. I’m not going to lie, I got more of it right before we left LOL. #UNASHAMED


I was just making my little one laugh… I can’t get enough of those CHEEKS!!!


This little girl brings us so much joy!


We laid on the beach and relaxed for a while…


My perfect view. 😉 #lovemesomehubby


Hope was ready to get out of the hot sun and into some shade.


I love this… she’s so sweet. Even though she had to tag along, we still enjoyed ourselves. Walks, talks, beach, and icecream… you can’t beat it! (we tried to get manis and pedis but they were booked up lol)

FT2A2443 A big thanks to my love for getting us out of the house to celebrate! Even though we couldn’t go away like we originally wanted to, this was perfect. The next adventure we are about to embark on is worth postponing our vacation. That’s life. Even though we may have had something planned, sometimes God has different timing.


Marriage is all about being flexible. Last year we were ziplining in the mountains of VT, with no kids. This year, we strolled along Block Island with our newborn. It is crazy how many changes can happen in just a year! This year was a big year of adjustments, career wise and in my new role called motherhood. I’m a full-time mom, and am fully pursuing photography. Marriage has gotten easier in time, but hasn’t changed too much.


My best marriage advice is to respect your spouse and stay friends. It is easy to become too familiar and you start to talk to him/her any type of way. That’s your life partner, confidant, they should be treated the best. Fight the contentment. A huge key to a great friendship is communication. When those lines are always open, there isn’t much room for anything to come in and ruin the peace. Make light of the everyday struggles, and embrace the life you have built together.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our anniversary day. I pray every married couple gets the chance to stop their daily routine and just enjoy one another too.

Much love,

Charity HOPE

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