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Jamestown Proposal: Ramie & John


It was a beautiful, sunny, Tuesday morning, perfect weather for a “celebration hike” because Ramie just closed on buying her first home the day before (Monday). It’s exciting, but so weird since we have been roommates since 2012! Sunday evening John and I casually convinced Ramie that we should celebrate by doing something fun in the nice weather. Ramie suggested a different place, than this, but I suggested coming to Jamestown cliffs at Fort Wetherill. I’m so glad she easily agreed!

Jeremy and I casually transferred all of the materials needed for the proposal from John’s bag into Jeremy’s in the back of the car. I’m surprised Ramie didn’t ask us to hurry up. She even asked Jeremy afterwards if he had a sweatshirt in his bag because it was so stuffed…lol. I felt bad, he was literally carrying all of my camera gear, a big bible, and bags of rocks! lol

We had no idea the exact location we were going to set up everything, so John and I were secretly discussing potential spots as we started the hike.


We ended up up deciding to set up on this ledge, that beautifully over looked the water. Jeremy and I stayed back because I had to “feed the baby” which I really did end up doing. haha… John had a brand new bible engraved with her new name to be on it, surrounded by stones engraved with meaningful scriptures on them. The notebook had the story of the whole process of how he got her ring and everything for the proposal. It was surrounded by sunflowers because that is her favorite flower…


John was stalling her saying that I was probably taking pictures or something, since she was wondering where we were. After I finished setting everything up I texted her that I needed a diaper that was in her bag so that she would come back. John right beforehand had reminded her to put on her data incase I was texting her, which I really was! lol


As soon as she saw the first stone she knew and started to cry… the trail leading up to the ledge was lined with sunflower petals and with a bunch of stones that were engraved with the many qualities John loves about her.


I love the smile on his face as he was following behind her. I knew this had to feel surreal to her…




Well the trail finally led them to the ledge and John got down on one knee…


Tears couldn’t stop coming from her eyes, as this moment we all had been talking about for so long was finally happening! ….She of course said, “Yes!”



They just held one another for a while.


Look at that beautiful ring! It was everything she wanted 🙂 …I had to leave the paint on her hand, since it’s evidence of the hard work she had been putting in on her new home.


They went through the notebook and he showed her all of the details he put into everything.


They were laughing hysterically as they saw my husband, Jeremy, across the water on another ledge video taping! haha…


He definitely looked like a spy… it was too funny how he had our baby girl strapped to him. She did so well too. But I guess she hit the camera and moved it while he was taping HAHA. Apparently she was also trying to talk while he was filming lol.


They were completely filled with joy!


That wind tho…lol


Auntie Ramie of course had to show Hope her new ring!



I guess you could say I was excited…lol


The #OgunbaClan was in full effect that day, hard at work, I even fell and cut open my knee and hand while setting up, but hey, we made it happen!


They are too cute, I couldn’t be more excited for them! John did such a good job with putting everything together. I know he was beyond relieved it was over and happy he can officially call her his fiance!


Ramie and John, you know how much I love you both. I knew over a year and half ago that you both were going to be married one day. God had showed me before you were even dating. It has been amazing watching you two grow together. I am beyond confident that you both will have a successful, loving, and prosperous marriage. You both have been humble so and patient in this process, seeking wisdom and council from mentors. It is honorable and very wise because marriage is definitely one of the biggest decisions of your life.

I cannot wait to stand next to you both on that day. I love you guys so much and cannot wait to share more milestones with you both!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Marianne Huisman says:

    What an unbelievably beautifully documented love story!!! The love they have for eachother is so obvious and I wish them both the very best of everything for their future together! xx

  2. Aimee says:

    Such a beautiful story. Great Job Charity and “clan”! lol… Cant Wait to celebrate with you all!!

  3. Amos says:

    Raime you are one brave soul marrying a Bills fan i know how lonely and hard that can be. He will need pleanty of love, comfort,encouragement a its a cold league and he might the only bills fan in RI.’ll pray for yall for that reason alone on another noter you guys are amazing and my blessings are with you both. Its not eas,its not hard, it requires alot of attention to make it work. Love you guys, you guys are great.

  4. Stella Jones says:

    I am so happy for you guys oooo!

  5. Becky Foley says:

    So happy for Ramie and John. What a lovely and Godly couple. Many blessings. Love you both!

  6. Rufus Abdullah says:

    Simply beautiful…..Putting God in the mix made the images so special….. Very creative, keep up the good work…

  7. Lydia says:

    So beautiful!!!!!!!! <3

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