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Lincoln Woods Engagement: Ramie & John


Sunday evening was spent at the beautiful Lincoln woods, in Lincoln, RI. There were plenty of trees and the air was crisp. It was a reminder of the new season of fall that has approached us. I love being able to sense the new season just by the air. Ramie and John have now entered into a new season of their relationship and can officially call each other fiance!
Just a few weeks ago John surprised Ramie and proposed to her on a hike in Jamestown. If you haven’t read and seen how he did it, click on the link of their hike¬†because it was such a beautiful proposal! These two happen to be my closest friends and the godparents of my daughter. They mean the world to me and it has been amazing being apart of every step of their journey together.

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Ramie and John first met at a young adults bible study my husband use to host. Ramie doesn’t remember, but John knocked at the door to come in and Ramie just opened the door, said hello, and walked away… sounds like Ramie to me! haha (she doesn’t realize the vibe she gives off sometimes). They would see one another here and there at bible study, but started to see each other a lot more in the fall of 2014. They both started serving as leaders in the youth ministry at my church. It was when I saw them helping each other hang up the string for the donut eating contest, I thought to myself that they could be good for one another. But I didn’t say anything and just let it be…



February rolls around, both single and in need of a date for the Valentine’s Day dinner. Perfect opportunity for John ūüėČ . Ramie and John, my husband and I, and another couple, went out to a hibachi restaurant to celebrate together. It was a fun time, but it definitely put the pressure on them to be a “thing.” The funny part was that the chef had asked if she was his wife. Chef didn’t ask any of us, but them! LOL…



After that, there were a few more dates, sweet gifts, and time spent together, and they¬†were dating! Their love and passion for God has always been the center of their relationship from the start. Before they were even dating, Ramie was told that John was going to be her husband by a Pastor who had just met her. He didn’t know John either. Crazy right?!


These two are great for one another. They are compatible, yet have their differences, especially culturally, but they work through them respectfully and graciously. When I see Ramie and John, it makes me beyond happy. This relationship is an answer to my prayers and hopes for her. He brings out the best in her and allows her to be her full self… as you can see!


So sweet…



Ramie’s prayers were answered when she asked God that her first and only boyfriend would be her husband. It’s amazing to see the love they share together and how God honored her faithfulness.
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Rames is stunning!


Her eyesssss! John is obsessed with them. He prays their kids will have them, so we’ll see!


Ramie loved how handsome John looked!


I love John’s smile. So contagious!




You can just see the joy, love, and contentment on their faces.

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They look so fierce. Such a good looking couple!



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Her ring is so beautiful and exactly how she wanted.


A raw moment as I was getting my things together…stunning.



Ramie and John, I love you both so much! I can’t wait to stand next to you guys and witness your covenant to one another. I’m beyond excited to see what God is going to do in and through your relationship. I know that we all will forever be connected in the many adventures that are to come. Thank you for the love and care you have for my little Hope. She loves you both so much already. Jeremy and I love and respect you both so much. I can’t wait to get this wedding planning officially rolling!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Lydia says:

    I loved reading your story and the pictures are gorgeous. We are all so excited to be able to share in the celebration. See you soon.Love,
    Aunty Lydia

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