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Harkness Memorial State Park Wedding: Danielle + Mike


It was a beautiful, sunny morning at Harkness Park with Danielle and Mike. The newlyweds met in college, at SCSU. Danielle was on the soccer team and Mike played on the football team. I still remember the first time meeting Mike and seeing how sweet he treated her. You could tell he loved and respected her. Danielle doesn’t remember, but she told me back then that he was going to be the one.
Danielle and I enjoyed reflecting on our pasts in High School and grateful of where we are now. When you can learn from your mistakes and end up with someone who is compatible with you, who shares the same beliefs, who supports and compliments you, your marriage is set up for success. We shared so many fun memories playing on the soccer team together. You will see how absolutely gorgeous she looked in her wedding dress, but Dani was very excited to take it off by the end of the session. Athletic clothes is where she feels most beautiful…other athletes understand! haha.

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Such a good looking couple!

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Of course their “kid” had to come along! lol #familyphoto

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We went on the edge of the grounds, by the water. Danielle looked like a bridal mermaid.


So sweet. Mike is so patient and loving towards her…

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Then, we went to the beautiful Mansion garden. The green ivy and light was dreamy.


I can’t get over the stunning details of her dress!



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Danielle and Mike, thank you for allowing me to capture some amazing photos of you two! It was a such a fun and relaxing time. I hope you both love them and will cherish this special season of your lives together. I’m beyond happy you were able to meet my precious baby girl and I hope it gives you guys some ideas for the future 😉 Love you guys!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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