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A Lifestyle of Gratefulness


It has been over 5 years since I started living on my own in the city of Providence, RI. For those who do not live out here or in a city, when you rent an apartment in the city, most do not contain a washer or dryer. So you know what that means?!…LAUNDROMAT. haha. So I have been lugging many baskets of laundry around, for quite some time now.
Whenever I had to go, I sometimes would get annoyed because where I am from, everyone owns their own washer or dryer. But before I left, I always tried to put my attitude in check. I reminded myself of how grateful I am to have a car to bring my laundry there. And that I do have money and a place to clean my clothes. I would picture poor places I have visited, where I would watch people wash their clothes by hand in the river.


I started to reflect and be grateful how it gave me an opportunity to see and interact with new people. Especially since I started working just my business at home. I am grateful for the little girl who pushed my baby in her stroller for me when I had to put my clothes in the dryers. And how she helped me take out the dry clothes when I was feeding the baby. I began to become friends with the employees and one of them would always ask how my daughter was doing. She was always considerate and helpful.


Even though it was tiring at times, especially when I had to bring the baby and my laundry doubled now with more people living in my house, I still was grateful. When I have clothes to put on, let alone clean ones, how can I not be grateful?!? I write all of this to say that living a lifestyle of gratefulness is not about having it all, but a state of mind and position of your heart. You could have a washer and dryer, but be mad it isn’t the newest model. There is always someone or something that is better, but why not focus on who has it worse of than you instead?


But I write this today, letting you know that I am beyond GRATEFUL because my husband and I purchased a washer and dryer last week!!! I’m especially grateful because some Christian friends of ours had been secretly collecting money for us every week to help our family. I cried when my hubby came home to tell me. That money allowed us to finally purchase it for our new home. The fact that I can walk down into my basement to do laundry is absolutely insane. I still haven’t processed it fully yet! So if you ever start to complain that you have to walk down to your basement to do laundry, check your self, because even if someone else has theirs installed in their closet, there are still plenty of people who do not have one at all. Perspective. This perspective can be applied to anything.

A lifestyle of gratefulness allows you to have joy and find the good in any situation. I thank God everyday for giving me this outlook on life. I have him to thank for all of my blessings and for giving me a washer and dryer. But you know what, I am going to miss the talks, the helping hands, and the smiles from my laundromat people! 🙂


Much Joy,

Charity HOPE


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  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful! Love it!Of course we have to go through this to be humble and grateful in the end.

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