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Farm Engagement: Mikaela + Max


Monday evening I was graced with the presence of this adorable couple, Max + Mikaela! They have been engaged since July, but felt the best time for their engagement pictures would be in the fall because it is their favorite season. So much so, that this time next year they will be getting married! I cannot wait to see the beautiful, autumn details, and rich colors. And as you can see below, you can only imagine how beautiful of a bride I know Mikaela is going to be!
Max decided to take the plunge and ask Mikaela to be his wife at Mikaela’s family annual pig roast, in Lubec, Maine! This is such a special place for her and her family since it is where her grandparents live. When they were there, Max was adiment about taking Mikaela to carve their names on this old, rusted bus, where everyone in her family carves their names into when they are in a relationship.

Apparently they have carved their names there years ago, but it was such a special place located right behind her great grandfather’s house. Well, I discovered at our photo shoot that Max is terrified of catching poision ivy, and well same thing happened there. The bus was near tons of overgrown grass, so he took down to the beach instead. At that point Mikaela definitely knew something was going on…not everyday Max wants to “pick sea glass.” haha…He definitely seemed a little more nervous, so she knew something was up, but that did not stop her excitment or joy!

It is super sweet to see these two together. Mikaela is full of life and energy, where Max is calm and a little more reserved, but totally let’s her be her! You can tell he adores her and would do anything to make her happy. I felt like I have know these two for years! I never knew corn stalks could make such beautiful pictures…



Just look at how he looks at her! 🙂


Such a stunning ringggggg!



Mikaela, you are so beautiful. Those eyes!!


Between Max’s big truck and overall demeanor, Mikaela definitely got herself a country boy!



So sweet…


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I love this! Absolutely gorgeous.

ft2a0688 ft2a0667

That light and their love…. perfection 🙂

ft2a0682 ft2a0678

We felt it was only necessary to have a little fun and throw some leaves! haha



ft2a0741 ft2a0752 ft2a0756

Such a beautiful ring!


Mikaela loved the farm so much!



Beyond adorable.


We felt it was only necessary for them to practice their first dance!

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Mikaela, you are stunning!

blog-copy ft2a0902

Again with the eyes Mikaela! ughhh… gorgeous.




Mikaela + Max, thank you so much for such a fun evening! It was quite an adventure. I think the little bit of “trouble” we got in made it that much more exciting! Next year can’t come soon enough, your wedding day is going to be amazing. Thank you for trusting me and letting me be apart of it!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Gina Murray says:

    Love’ love! Love these pictures Charity Hope! You did such a beautiful job highlighting the love between Mikaela and Max! They are fun and romantic!I met you awhile ago at New Life in Smithfield! So glad you made a connection with our girl!
    XO Gina and David Murray (Mikaela’s dad and bonus mom)

  2. Lindsay French says:

    These are absolutely precious. They capture the energy- perfectly. Congratulations Mikaela ❤️
    Great pics Charity!

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