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Family trip to Niagara Falls!


As Christmas was about to arrive, my hubby and I decided that we needed to go somewhere during the break. We both love to travel, and I definitely was getting that itch to go someplace new! Seeing how there wasn’t much time to plan and that Christmas time didn’t leave us with much money to spend, we decided to do a little road trip to Ontario, Canada. Neither of us had been to this part of Canada, or have seen Niagara Falls so we were super excited! The boys especially were because they had never left the country before.
So we stayed up super late on Christmas Day, packed, cleaned the house and were on the road by 5 am, on the 26th. The best part about the drive was it was literally a straight shot all the way there, no traffic, and plenty of rest stops all along the way. I only took my “good camera” out for when we went to the falls…. such a beautiful sight!


The start of our walk…

ft2a4732 ft2a4737

Yes… I was excited. and cold…

ft2a4742 ft2a4753 ft2a4764

I just realized that we both are wearing each other’s hats! haha..


So glad our little girl woke up in time to see the falls for herself (I wish she would remember it)!

ft2a4884 ft2a4887 ft2a4892 ft2a4896 ft2a4900 ft2a4904


We took a little break inside to check out the shops and get warmed up!

ft2a4874 ft2a4866

She definitely is loved 🙂

ft2a4857 ft2a4852 ft2a4849 ft2a4847 ft2a4845


These guys are too much!


ft2a4842 ft2a4826 ft2a4827 ft2a4811 ft2a4797

Here are some of my favorites from my iPhone…oh the convenience of technology! LOL

img_1020 img_1044

At night, the falls was all lit up! After our date, we drove by to see what it looked like… so beautiful!

img_1072 img_1070 img_1069

Well I hope you enjoyed a little insight into our family’s trip! I hope this is a reminder that sometimes traveling and going on an adventure doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Say no to going out to eat and buying new things, you will have enough money before you know it. I rather trade my “things” for experiences any day. Taking a trip outside of your normal surroundings gives you time to reflect and regroup.

Check out Groupon or other places for deals! The hotel we stayed at wasn’t bad, but make sure if you are going to this area, you read the reviews on them and pay attention to where the hotel is located. If you want to visit Niagara, make sure you view it from the Canadian side because there isn’t much of a view from the US.

I hope you have a Happy New Year! May it be filled with fun, faith, new adventures, and goals accomplished!!!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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