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“Never Have I Ever…”


Never have I ever felt this deep sense of longing and aching for my husband to return home… I am sitting here in my favorite cafe, on this random, snowy day, reflecting on how much I am missing him. It is day 10 out of 12 of him being away for work and I couldn’t wish for Sunday morning to come sooner!

Most of the trips he travels on for work, there isn’t much time to talk. Between all of the students, staff meetings, and preparing for teaching, I may be able to get a few minutes or a quick FaceTime. I thought it was hard last year, but it has been a lot more difficult seeing how we have two kids now.

Just as I was starting to get sad last night, I was surprised with this beautiful flower arrangement at my back door.

I had no idea it had been there, but it could not have come at a better time. The sweet, heart felt words that came with it made me smile. As I thought to myself, “he does miss me.”

Out of excitement, I rushed to show our son, and him being 17, I made sure to remind him to take notes! (I think with parenting, more is caught than taught.)

When I look at this yellow rose, being one of my favorite flowers, I am reminded of our sweet friendship. The foundation of how we even became to be spouses. It was because of our deep friendship that caused me to eventually say, “I don’t want to do life with anyone else.”

And as I sit here, reflecting on how much I love and miss him, I realized…

Never have I ever received such love like this.

Never have I ever had someone care to listen to my thoughts, feelings, dreams, fears, and hopes like him.

Never have I ever been cared and cherished this much.

Never have I ever felt more beautiful and desired.

Never have I ever been more secure and confident to be my true self.

Never have I ever felt more capable to do anything I set my mind to.

Never have I ever wanted to share all aspects of my life with someone.

Never have I ever been this secure to wear no makeup.

Never have I ever been this excited to see what the future will hold.

Never have I ever felt this much deep healing, by watching him with her.

Never have I ever felt so free to be me!

I am forever grateful that my best friend, back in 2012, ended up being my husband. I never would have imagined we would be here, with our own home, two children, both doing what we love, but I am beyond thankful he never gave up on me. I am truly loved in a way that I and every woman deserves to be loved. So thank you boo, I love you and can’t wait to see you!!!

Much Joy,

Charity Hope

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