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Providence G Wedding: Casby + Jensine


This past Saturday, my husband and I had the honor of attending Casby and Jesine’s beautiful wedding, right in our city of Providence. The ceremony was at the beautiful St. Michael’s Church and the reception followed at the Providence G . Jeremy went to high school with Casby, they both were at our wedding, and it’s such a privilege being able to witness their commitment to one another.
I normally don’t bring my camera to weddings that I am a guest at, but this winter off-season has given me the urge to shoot. I knew that their wedding would be absolutely stunning, so I just had to bring it along! These pictures are from a guests perspective, so it’s fun. It was sort of a challenge, but I enjoyed it. I did my best to stay out of the way of their actual wedding photographers.

We ended up having such a fun time! We put the camera away right before dinner, so there are no dancing pictures, but those memories I will have marked in my mind forever. Feel free to share this post with any friends that you may see in these pictures.

This church is such a beautiful sight to see, inside and out.

It is absolutely stunning.

The view from my seat.

A special time of Communion.

A prayer of blessing over their marriage.

My view of the kiss! haha… The photographer and videographer definitely aren’t windows, but I know they got an amazing shot. But I love the best man, Rahja’s smile here.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison!

Jensine looks absolutely gorgeous! Look at that smile…

And their off to take pictures!

The guys insisted on this group photo inside of the church.. haha. I didn’t have the right lense with me, but I’m glad they are happy!

Bridal party heading out to the trolly!

I love these two. I know they enjoyed a full night out without their 3 kids!

My hubby and I 🙂 We definitely enjoyed this night out without our kids too! haha

As I put my gift into the reception hall at cocktail hour, I saw THIS. Untouched, perfectly placed and decorated tables. My heart came alive! So here are a ton of the details 😍

LOVE this head table! Decor was absolutely stunning.

Noga, from Custom Floral & Event Design did such an amazing job!!! She is super sweet too.

I love the leafy greens, soft pink and the navy blue. So beautiful!

5 tier cake! Simple and so elegant.

Jeremy and I made this sign for them, as a constant reminder of what it means to love the way God wants us to. And a piece of their favorite verse at the bottom of it.

Jeremy snuck out across the street to grab this shot and I am SO GLAD!

For cocktail hour we mingled upstairs on the rooftop with our friends and of course, the Bride and Groom. Jeremy went around taking pictures of everyone.

They had a very big and fun bridal party!

These guys…haha. The one on the right is a little special, but dear to our hearts. He had me a bit nervous on my wedding day, as he was giving his best man speech. I wasn’t sure where we was going with his high school football stories with Jeremy, but I’m glad it ended well!

I got to be in front of the camera for this time! Catherine looked so beautiful 🙂

These two will be getting married next! Such a beautiful couple.

These guys. Got to love them!

Not sure why I look so serious…haha

Jeremy randomly took this picture for this couple and they ended up sitting right next to us! I love making new friends at weddings. I was so excited when I found this picture afterwards! 🙂

Me and the stunning BRIDE! She looked so flawless.

Time for the reception! I love this shot he got of me…

If you look closely, their is an extra “hump” on the n. lol… happens to Jeremy and I all the time.

As you can see the bridal party is excited for the Mr. and Mrs. coming in!

They are too cute.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison!!! ❤️

One of my favorite shots from the night… THAT DRESS!

I made sure not to get in the background of the photographer’s shot, so I ducked down behind the bridal party and was catching some of these. I didn’t have my flash, but I am so impressed how they came out. The bridal party’s dresses created such a cool effect.

I love these…

Then they invited their parents for a slow dance with them. It was so beautiful…

Casby and dancing with his mama. So precious.

Then it was time for the speeches by the Maid of Honor and the Best Man.

Then Jeremy prayed a blessing over the food, but more importantly, their marriage.

That special time in prayer.. I agree with everything Jeremy said and pray that God blesses their sweet union and commitment to one another! 

After the dinner, the rest is history! I put the camera away and had a blast, dancing the night away with my hubby. Jeremy and I have been craving a night out of just having fun and boy, did we have that!

Thank you so much for the invite Jensine and Casby! We enjoyed being apart of this special time so much!! I pray that you both stay unified together, full of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. May you turn to God and then to one another before anyone else. May you communicate and fight to stay in unity. May each and every single day, month, and year,  may you grow in intimacy. And my little advice I tell all couples is, “the first person to say sorry WINS.” If your goal is to grow in intimacy, then the first person to bring reconciliation really is the winner.

But hopefully we will see more of you in the coming year! Enjoy that honeymoon and who knows, maybe our kids will be playing together one day soon. 😜

Much joy,

Charity HOPE


P.S If any readers find themselves in these pictures, feel free to save them, I just ask that if you post on social media that you give photo credit to 📷

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  1. April says:

    Great job with all the pics of my cousin’s wedding!!!

  2. WENDY says:


  3. Cecilia Cepeda says:

    I want to thank you so much for your beautiful work of art you made for my daughter’s wedding, beautiful pictures one of the most chrished gifts. I am sure they will keep it for life to share with their future children.God bless you and may Him continue iluminating your beautiful work.

    • Charity Hope says:

      Aww, thank you so so much for your kind words! That means so much 🙂 Your daughter is so sweet and beautiful, definitely a reflection of how she was raised! God bless you too!!!

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