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3 Tips to Remaining Content while Pursuing Your Dreams


I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a lot of messages being thrown at me, through every type of media outlet, telling me that I need more things in order to be happy and, that I need to be doing more in order to be “successful.”
Whether it’s to have your body look a certain way, to live in a particular kind of home, have a certain kind of degree or career, or to be doing these certain types of activities. Not to mention, social media allows us to share so much of our lives with one another, which can be great, but it also can cause us to start comparing our lives to others…way too much.

It can seem hard sometimes to watch someone else living out the dream you hope for. So this leads me to ask you the question, how do you stay content, while still pursuing your dreams?

I share these three tips because they help me stay in a healthy tension between being completely content where I am at, but also motivated to keep striving and pursuing my dreams.

  1. There is Only ONE You!
    • I know, so corny right? But honestly, there is only one person who is completely you. You may have similar experiences than someone else, the same degree or passion, same age, but you are uniquely different. This is an ASSET, not a weakness.
    • I remind myself that yes, someone can buy the same gear as me, use the same programs, and share a similar style of photography, but no one is ME. No one will capture and create the images exactly as me, but also, no one can have the same exact relationship and connection with my clients as I do.
    • Whenever I may see some other great photographers work and get a little discouraged because I want to be shooting that type of client, location, or whatever, I then remind myself that I am on my own journey. The amount of time I have to invest into my business and who I connect with are different. I’m growing and establishing this business at my own pace and that’s ok! Also, my definition of success is going to differ from somebody else.
    • Some people may reach a certain goal of yours before you, but also remember to someone else you are reaching a goal they have before them. Everyone is on their own journey, so it is pointless comparing! 
  2. A Healthy Perspective
    • Whenever you become anxious, fearful, and discontent, look at your life through a “lens” of gratefulness. Having a thankful heart is the best medicine to cure discontentment. Yes, you may not have the home of your dreams, but however, you most likely do have a roof over your head and a place to sleep at night.
    • Where you are right now in your life is a gift. We all are on our own unique journey, and how fast people reach certain milestones in life is going to be different for everyone. And you know what? That is OK.
    • I love love LOVE the show “Fixer Upper,” Joanna Gaines decorating style is right up my alley and I just get so inspired by the show. Over time, I noticed that I started to get discontent with my home and I was anxious to move into our bigger, dream home. Then I caught myself and was like, “this isn’t good… we just bought our home less than a year ago, and I’m already eager to leave??” So I took a little break from it and started thanking God for everything that I loved about my current home, and reminded myself of what my home has, that my old apartment didn’t. I  now can watch the show again and just get ideas for my home and future home, still while being content. But you have to become self aware and check yourself.
    • If when you are on social media, you become anxious, depressed, and discontent, I would HIGHLY suggest taking a break from it. There is a healthy break that everyone should take once in a while. It’s important to remain focused on your journey, while celebrating other’s successes on their journey. But if you are at a place where you can’t do that, then that is a major sign to take a break and start doing some soul searching. Which leads me to my third point… 
  3. Know Your Worth
    • No matter what a person, society, or the world tells me, I am not defined by my gender, marital status, degree, career, etc. My soul identity and value is found in who God says that I am. I know that I was made for a purpose, I am important, and unique. That is a personal belief of mine, but I ultimately believe that people are valuable, no matter what they do or have done. Everyone is worthy to be loved.
    • The fact that you are a living, human-being, makes you valuable. No matter what anyone says. We all are given this precious gift called LIFE, and we all need blood and oxygen to survive. How we navigate it, make decisions, what we were born into, ultimately dictates our outcome.
    • Just know that you are important, you will reach your dreams, one way or another, if you don’t quit. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, just get there!
    • Your success is not what defines you, so enjoy the JOURNEY, its about the process, not about the destination.
    • We, as humans, always want more, and when we get it, we are left unsatisfied, desiring the next thing. A heart full of contentment, that I know that God can give, is what will allow you to remain happy and grateful while you are on your journey of pursuing your dreams and living your life.

So I hope this was even just a little bit helpful to you! Thank you for taking the time to read and hear a little bit from my heart and mind. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you and what helps you!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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