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Toah Nipi Wedding: Andrew + Kaitlin


What was suppose to be a rainy day, turned out to be such a sweet and sunny one. Andrew and Kaitlin’s beautiful wedding day was held at the sacred place on a hill, Toah Nipi. This retreat center is near and dear to my heart, with many special times with friends, students, my spouse, and God. I feel Andrew and Kaitlin couldn’t of picked a more suitable and perfect place to host their wedding weekend. There were so many of their friends and family that came from all over to celebrate this beautiful union. So grateful to have been a guest, hear more of their story, and witness the joy on their faces.
Andrew and Kaitlin as individuals have dedicated their lives to the ministry of reconciliation. They both have done amazing work of unifying people (especially students) of different races, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, through their work on staff with InterVarsity. It is through InterVarsity that I met Kaitlin and Andrew, because my husband is on staff with them both. They all bonded at a special conference for racial reconciliation. A couple months later, Andrew did a peer visit with Kaitlin, and spoke at NE University (where she is on staff). Kaitlin invited Jeremy and I to hang out with them while Andrew visited. We had such a fun time apple picking together. Jeremy and I actually shared with Andrew and Kaitlin that we were expecting our first “caramel apple,” our baby girl (haha). It was after that time together where things became serious between them and the rest is history!

It has been amazing watching their love and relationship grow stronger. I can only imagine the ways God is going to use them, together. They are both such amazing individuals, who love people relentlessly. It was beyond evident by the people in attendance of their love for people and their value on multi-ethnic community and friendships. As I looked around, waiting for the ceremony to begin, it was such a beautiful sight to see…

I LOVED these name cards… they even made one for my daughter, Hope!

These beautiful ladies helped greet everyone who came in and organized the lodging!

Everyone eagerly waiting for the Bride to arrive!

I’m sorry, I had too… this picture Jeremy got was too funny!

Here she comes…

Andrew looking at his beautiful Bride.

So Kaitlin! She looked absolutely breathtaking.

So precious…as Kaitlin’s father was giving her hand to Andrew. I can’t imagine what that must feel like for a father.

It was so sweet, they give gifts to their parents.

A special time in worship.

The wind became too strong for the arch, but Kyle saved the day!

When you hear couple’s share their vows to one another, it’s so hard not to cry.

A special prayer by basically, Andrew’s second father.

So powerful watching everyone come together, stretching their hands out in prayer towards them. It was a beautiful moment in the ceremony.

That look he gives you right before the kiss!


Ahh! So exciting!!!

Love these two! So beautiful.

Such a good looking couple!

And yes, it was the very Kaitlin thing to do, and start dancing her way up the hill down the aisle.

That moment you realize you are now, officially, husband and wife.

I loved all of these moments between them and their bridal party. Such great friends and family members, so many laughs.

He put a ring on it…

I guess you could say they are excited. lol.

So glad Jeremy captured and took the pictures of the bridal party, while I took my baby girl inside.

These were soooo good!

All of the guests were asked to leave at least one promise to the couple.

My sweetheart and I, she did pretty good through out the ceremony, but did start talking in the middle of it.

She loves her some beautiful flowers!

Best part of the cocktail hour, was that it wasn’t cocktails, but DUMPLINGS! And Kaitlin was waiting “patiently” for them to arrive. Her beautiful dress didn’t really allow her to sit in a chair.

They were so good!

When you need a snack break while taking photos…her dad was so sweet, and made sure she ate.

The Mr. and Mrs.

Andrew’s closest friends, well family.

LOVE the colors and everything about this.

Of course Brent would jump in…lol

I made sure to get to the reception tent before it was touched. It looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I’m obsessed with all of these details, the colors and the greens. So gorgeous!

I loved all of the long tables, especially the head table.

These florals were so beautiful!

Such simple, yet beautiful decor.

Time for their first dance as husband and wife!

Just love the way she looks at him…

And the way he looks at her.

She looked like a Disney Princess!

So sweet.

The Father Daughter Dance gets me every time.

He just adores her so much, it is the most precious thing to see.

Mother son dance was so adorable.

and THE CAKE. It was pretty much the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.

The simple, earthy, and just elegant touch was to die for. I had to take so many pictures of it!


Well the rest of the evening was very eventful, but it became time for my husband and I to be fully present. Andrew and Kaitlin shared some stories and intimate details of when they started dating. They both came out in the traditional, Chinese attire. It was absolutely beautiful! Even though Andrew does not like surprises, Kaitlin decided to surprise Andrew, and came out singing, “At Last,” to Andrew. It was awesome! All of the speeches were so heart felt and beautiful. I enjoyed hearing each person’s perspective, thoughts, and feelings. And then of course, the rest of the evening was filled with LOTS of Dancing! We had soooo much fun!!! It had to be one of the best groups of people I have ever been surrounded by. Some people I had just met already felt like family. It was a beautiful thing!

Andrew and Kaitlin, thank you for letting Jeremy, Hope, and I be apart of your special day! We wouldn’t have missed this for the world. We have enjoyed so much watching your love story unfold right before our eyes. Thank you for letting us be apart of it. You both are such an encouragement and joy to be around. Kaitlin, I appreciate your amazing hospitality and affirming nature. It’s been amazing seeing you grow into such a strong, courageous, and bold woman of God. Andrew, thank you for your tender and listening ear. You have made us feel so loved and cared for, in the little time of really getting to know you. We can’t wait to create more memories with you guys!

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Richard Ho says:

    thank you so much for the pictures but more so for telling the story,from kaitlin’s dad

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