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Jamestown Cliffs: Michelle and Cliff Anniversary


We hiked through a couple dirt paths, and under some trees, to reach this beautiful location on the cliffs in Jamestown. The view from here, overlooking the ocean is absolutely breathtaking. There was no one around, but them and a slight breeze. We set up the speaker and had Bebe and CeCe- Close to You, playing in the background as the sun was setting.
Cliff and Michelle got married on July 9th, 2006. This year, they celebrated their 11 year anniversary!!! So we had to make this one special before their anniversary trip. The funny thing is they both met at a wedding. Cliff laid eyes on Michelle and knew she was the one. He was very assertive and knew what he wanted, and was ready for a committed relationship, but Michelle (at the time) was not ready for that! (I know the feeling haha)

Well even though she turned him down then, he continued to email her at her work email for a month. Eventually the email was discontinued, as she had left that position, so he got the courage to give her a call. He just needed an explanation as to why she didn’t give him a chance. But that spoke volumes to Michelle, and they ended up talking on the phone for 6 HOURS! Well, the rest is history.

Their favorite restaurant to go together is either Los Andes or Hemenway’s. Their ideal date is doing something fun or active together. They love playing a sport, going bowling, or watching a live sporting event!

Some thing that surprised them most about marriage is that it was extremely hard at times. It is especially difficult if you don’t understand that coming in. You really need to understand how to love, and that it’s not about you. But also need to learn how to love the way they need you to.

One of the hardest parts about marriage was realizing it was a declaration of war. They truly discovered that the two need to agree and be in harmony, because physical attraction won’t carry your marriage. That you need to cherish one another for who they are, not who you want them to be.  There were many hard times, trials and tough seasons, that they realize now, God helped them withstand all of it for refining.

Their advice to couple’s to help keep the love alive is to laugh A LOT. Be goofy and have fun!! They believe it’s important to make everything special because time is limited. Even family time. They also suggested not allowing your kids to become the centerpiece.  Also, be open in communication and transparent. 🙂

For the soon to be married or newly weds, they advised you to take the time to understand what it means to be in covenant and to truly know what that means. Couples get caught up with the day, desiring just for the beautiful wedding or having kids one day, that we often forget the “for better or for worse,” part.

The scripture that they live by is, “Unless the lord builds the house, we labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1.  They know that if your relationship is built on the word of God, everything else will stand. So if the Lord built it, it will last. Knowing that has truly given them peace and the fact that if God orchestrated them to be together and ordained it, their marriage will stand the test of time.

So enjoy celebrating their love with me and have a look at how the evening unfolded…

Michelle and Cliff, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of this special time! You both are truly amazing examples of what a Godly marriage looks like. I love you both dearly!

So grateful to have such amazing people in my life. Michelle has known me from even before I was married and a photographer.  She helped my family get into our first home and is such an encouragement.

I was truly blessed to have captured the whole family, Cliff, Michelle, and their 4 kids, the week before. They all are amazing! Truly a testament of God’s grace and blessing upon their lives.

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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