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Charlestown Breachway Engagement: Angela and Tom


There was a nice breeze, the ocean looked ever so beautiful, and I felt honored to have been taken to such a special spot for Angela + Tom. Angela’s favorite place to be is the beach, and Charlestown Breachway is where they like to go and spend time with one another. They both live such busy lives, so their time together is very precious. The funny thing about these two is that their mutual friends were trying to set them up, but both were resisting it. Tom had moved back out here, from Montana, because he felt that God was calling him to live here, in RI. They both kinda of avoided their friends suggestion, but couldn’t really avoid one another since they were both were in the same Christmas play at church.
Well eventually Tom decided he did want to ask her out, but Angela, in a nice kind of way, postponed any chance or time set aside for them to get together. She wanted to wait until after they were done rehearsing for the play, since everything was just too busy. I guess Tom kept hope, because they hit it off when they were at their friends house together, laughing and talking. Both, inching their way to sit closer to one another. It wasn’t till a late, Christmas shopping excursion that Angela went on, where Tom joined her, and that became their first official date. They shopped and laughed all night. After that, they really knew in their hearts that their friends were right, they were great for one another.

This night was super sweet, seeing these two interact and look at one another. I have had many conversations about Tom, their relationship, wedding planning, and such, with Angela, but did not meet Tom until this night! Angela is one of the sweetest people I know, who has a smile that brightens any room. She literally talks with a smile on her face. She takes care of my daughter sometimes, and Hope, absolutely adores her. She is an amazing dancer, who has such a big heart for God. Her sensitivity to God and her lifestyle of prayer, is what Tom loves most about her. She is truly the woman of God he had prayed for, and adores her smile too.

Tom also has a big heart for God, and truly desires Him to be at the center of their marriage. He truly lives out what it means to love your wife the way that Christ loved the church; serving, laying down your life, sacrificially. Angela loves the way he takes care of her, make sure she is always good, serving her, and protecting her. Even through out the night, as it started to get chilly, he just kept holding her to keep her warm.

It was such a fun evening of much laughter, dancing, and sweet moments…

The sun was beginning to set and was shining right on them. 🙂

Seriously… absolutely stunning.

I love the way he makes her smile.

Of course we had to make time for them to practice their dancing! They took lessons a while back, even though I’m sure they would be great regardless.


As you can see, Angela is definitely a natural.


Tom helped her down from the rocks and it was the cutest thing!

So gorgeous! Such a beautiful end to our evening.

Angela and Tom, thank you for allowing me to being apart of such a special season in your lives! You both reminded me so much as to why I love what I do. I felt overwhelmed with gratefulness as I was capturing you two together, just being yourselves. I can’t wait to witness your union, your day is going to be amazing and filled with God’s love. Thank you for being yourselves and having fun! I had such a great time and have so much love for you both!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Jeanne Gardiner says:

    They are so beautiful together. I literally can not stop crying.May God richly bless you my son and my soon to be daughter-in-love.


  2. These are beautiful, Angela and Tom! You did an amazing job, Charity! Love the back lighting on some of them. Wow.

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