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Mimi and Bob’s 50th Anniversary Party!


It was a beautiful summer evening out, as all Bob + Mimi wanted to do to celebrate 50 years of marriage was to have all of their children and grandchildren at church with them. Little did they know, on the way back to their daughter, Stephanie’s house, that decorations would be in place and food awaiting for a lovely dinner together. The weather was perfect, as the sun was setting, with a slight breeze, and beautiful view of the ocean.
Bob was 23 and Mimi was 21 when they got married, on August 5, 1967. They met at a college mixer, while he was bar tending and asked her on a date. The following week they went on one, he grew on her, and the rest is history! They have four beautiful daughters, Stephanie, Julie, Kristin, and Kelley; they are the “original six.” And are blessed with 9 grandchildren!! The sweetest part of the evening was listening to the wonderful things the grandkids said about their grandparents.

Grammy Mimi is kind, loving, friendly, generous, and always there for them. They are always excited to go to her house, especially every Wednesday for “Grammy Camp.” She comes up with fun, engaging, and creative ideas for them to do. She has a special connection with each grandchild and they absolutely adore her.

Grampy Bob is very generous, loving, giving, involved in the community and devotes his time to his family. He is always there for them and attending their sporting events. The kids love watching baseball with him or playing basketball. They all seemed to love riding on the golf cart with him down to the beach the most.

Mimi and Bob both emphasized the importance of forgiveness in marriage, knowing that the hard times are never forever and the there will be ups and downs, but always stay in it. But also shared to keep laughing and loving one another, no matter what.

Here’s  how the evening unfolded…
The decorative bags were filled with tea lights, lining the walkway.

Sydney and Brayden did such a lovely job choosing the decor and creating these beautiful centerpieces.

They chose the anchor to be the theme for the party because it is Rhode Island’s state symbol, representing stability, hope and peace. Bob and Mimi allow their family to keep a clear mind amidst the tides of life.

The grandparents are finally here!!!

Of course they rode in style on the golf cart. 🙂

They were definitely happy to see everyone!

How sweet, the girls made grammy a little bouquet!

They make 50 years of marriage look GOOD.

One thing I admired and noticed the most about these two, is there love and affection towards their family and close friends. They made sure to make time for everyone through out the night and were always very present.

The Original Six.

All because of their love and commitment towards one another, created this beautiful family!

Of course they had to “dab.” 😂

Grammy and her grandsons.

and her Granddaughters.

Look at these handsome boys with their Grampy!


The Extraordinary 11!? (hehe)


Cousins make the best of friends!

The Dorsey family; Stan, Julie, Sydney, Brayden, and Nathan.

Sibling love.

I love Julie and Stan! Been such great supporters in my family, and my life. Appreciate their love!

The Moretta Family; John, Kelley, Elizabeth, Jake, and Will.

I love this! They are so adorable 🙂

The O’Keefe Family; Dave, Stephanie, Michael, Mary, and Jack.

Kristin and Jeff, they are too cute together!

Nothing beats having your family and close friends to celebrate with you!

After everyone mingled outside, there was a beautiful catered dinner outside, on the porch, waiting to be served. It overlooked the beautiful view of the ocean!

I love all of the little gold touches, old pictures, and cute decorations.

Through out the dinner, there were some special speeches. The first one was given by Julie, Bob’s sister. Such heartfelt words.

Then the three oldest grand daughters shared their love and admiration to them.

And last, but not least, Mimi’s brother, Bill, shared the final words. He described how their commitment to God is what allowed them to hold on this long and to create such a wonderful family. Such sweet words shared…

Brought tears to Mimi’s eyes.

Then we all headed inside to watch a special video the grandkids made for them. All of them answered a few questions about their grandparents. Some answers were very funny, but also super sweet.

Everyone got a special gift, with the reminder of the anchor that Bob + Mimi are in their lives.

50 years. #anchor

I loved seeing this old picture of them cutting their wedding cake, 50 years ago!

The cake was so beautiful! And of course they made them cut the cake again.

Grammy made sure to cake everyone’s noses!

Amazing to look back on these old wedding pictures…

Thank you so much Struck Family for allowing me to be apart of such a special occasion! Bob + Mimi’s marriage is such an accomplishment and is beyond inspiring. I was honored to have been apart of it. And truly will take their advice and will make sure to apply it to my own marriage! Thank you Bob + Mimi for your commitment and faithfulness to one another, it is beyond beautiful to see and should be celebrated. You are the epitome of #marriagegoals. ❤️

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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