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Lake Pearl: Patrick and Dorothy’s Wedding Celebration


What started out as just a rainy summer day, turned into a beautiful afternoon, with lots of love. Patrick and Dorothy gathered their friends and family together to celebrate their new marriage at Lake Pearl, in Wrentham, MA. Patrick and Dorothy had a beautiful, big, wedding in Cyprus, Greece last year. They made sure to have a celebration here in the states for those who couldn’t make it. It was so beautiful watching their families come together, as their wedding video played in the background.
Patrick grew up for part of his life in Oregon, and then lived in Mass until he went off to college in NY. Dorothy is from Cyprus and met Patrick at Syracuse University. They bonded over their love for Dinosaur BBQ sauce, and their 3 yummy flavors.

Dorothy loves lavender and made sure to incorporate her favorite flower as the centerpieces. Lavender symbolizes devotion, purity, and grace. Since lavender is not in season, Lavender by the Bay was able to order them dried and they turned out amazing. They added such a beautiful, yet simple touch.

Through out the whole afternoon, Patrick and Dorothy were always talking with their guests or taking care of someone else. Everyone at their celebration meant so much to them. With everyone traveling from near and far, we made sure to have pictures with everyone in the family.

I fell in love with this beautiful outdoor venue, with the white drapery and chandeliers. It was stunning.

I loved Dorothy’s bouquet they had made for her.

The rain definitely made a beautiful debut at their celebration, but they brought some games inside and everyone had a great time.

The delicious Dinosaur BBQ wrapped beautifully for everyone to take home.

These two are just too cute!

We found an umbrella and made our way around the grounds to capture some special moments of just the two of them.

We made our way back to the tent, for everyone to mingle a little longer before Patrick and Dorothy would get introduced.

Dorothy, you are so gorgeous.

The Mr. and Mrs. Clare!

They were surrounded by so much love.

It was so beautiful watching them dance again, as their wedding video was playing in the background. Who wouldn’t want to have their “first dance” again?

Mother-son dance, they were so cute!

Father-daughter dances get me every time!

So precious.

They are too funny.

I think every one was excited when the yummy food was ready.

Noah had the right idea, shouldn’t we all stop and smell the flowers? hehe

I love this little guy. He is my daughter’s best friend and the son of Patrick’s sister, Macala. He loves his mommy!

We were able to capture some important family pictures between the down pours. The grounds here are so beautiful.

Got to love your parents and in-laws!

Patrick had to take a picture with his dad, right before the last big down pour! haha.

Noah loves his uncle.

Baby kisses! Ahhh, so adorable.

I think she has stolen everyone’s heart.

I can’t handle this picture. SO CUTE.

Patrick and Dorothy, I hope you had a wonderful celebration. You two are so great together. I noticed how you both could say a lot to each other without actually saying a word. I pray many blessings over your marriage and wish you both the best!

Just wanted to give a special thanks to Susan, Patrick’s mother, for being such an amazing host. Susan, thank you for allowing me to be apart of this special day you planned so beautifully. I admired watching you interact with people the most…

You have such a tender and sweet heart, and made sure to make everyone feel loved and cared for. Thank you for being so great! I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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