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Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard Engagement: Clarissa and Elvis


What better way to celebrate Elvis + Clarissa’s engagement, than at a place and area of town that they love and created sweet memories; the beautiful grounds of Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, in Little Compton, RI. The more I have gotten to know these two, the more I realized how perfect this place was to capture their love. So many of their moments together look like out of the scene from the movie, ‘The Notebook.’
On Clarissa’s 25th birthday, they enjoyed their time at the Vineyard and then decided to go to a little library not too far from here, and live musicians just happened to playing 1950’s music. In particular, the classic song “I’ll Be Seeing You,”  that we all know and love to remember when it was featured in ‘The Notebook.’ I don’t think that date could have turned out more perfect! ✨

Elvis and Clarissa met, through a mutual friend, who happened to text Elvis through Clarissa’s phone, and they have continued to talk ever since. They have such a deep love and connection, where they can just talk for hours. While they do have their share of fun, of going to different restaurants, taking long drives, and visiting cute little libraries; these two love to just sit and have in-depth conversations together.

Clarissa’s intellect is one thing Elvis admires about her the most, and how that can allow them to have deep discussions on many different topics. He truly adores the fact that she has such a big heart and she cares a lot about people; which translates into her professional life as Registered Nurse, but also as a study strategist; by helping young woman learn great study skills to be successful in college. He admires her drive and determination, which is reflected in everything she does.

Clarissa truly appreciates the supportive, encouraging, and loving voice, that Elvis has been in her life. He was there for her in many hard times, over the past 11 years; in times  where she found herself almost unloveable. At her lowest point, he was faithful, speaking words of truth and love, with honesty and sincerity. But besides him being “sooo handsome,” (haha), she truly is most attracted to his intellect, confidence and security in who he is as a person.

It honestly was beyond beautiful to see these two together, as there is such a contentment and free expression of their true self together. The way that Elvis looks at her and can make her smile, reminded me again of why I love what I do.

They are just two months away from their wedding day and I cannot wait to be apart of it! It just so happened to fall on the date of 11/11/17, as they have been together for 11 years. It can’t get more perfect than that!

Ugh, these are just too cute!

Out of no where they surprised me with one of their inside jokes from “Hocus Pocus.” It caught me so of guard, but I couldn’t stop laughing!! haha

I love their smiles. It literally makes you smile as soon as you look at these pictures.

Well after we took a little stroll through the vineyard, we made our way back to the main building where this ever-so-fitting vintage car was waiting for us.

And here is your 21st century, scene from the ‘The Notebook.’ SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

Just look at them… stunning.

Clarissa, you are soooo gorgeous!

“I’ll be seeing you, through all the old familiar places.” 🎼

Between the foggy mist and the green vineyard…the PERFECT back drop.

Seriously, these two are amazing.


Everything about this ring fits Clarissa perfectly. I LOVE how it’s so unique to her.

Fall is  definitely in the air! 🌿✨🍂🌾


There joy is contagious!

“Well if you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” 📽

Well that’s a wrap! 📽🎞

Clarissa and Elvis, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be apart of such a special season in your lives. It means so much to me to be there for your both and I cannot wait for your big day! I know that it is going to be absolutely stunning and perfect to your unique style. It is beyond evident the love, respect, and great friendship you both share. Thank you both for being YOU.

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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