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Harvard Yard: Cori + Alton’s 5 Year Anniversary


It was a beautiful fall evening, on the grounds of Harvard University, in Boston, MA. This is the special place where Cori + Alton met one another. It was this time of year, 7 years ago, at Harvard Divinity School’s Convocation. A few weeks after their initial meeting, Cori saw him walking around campus + they struck up a conversation. Alton invited her to lunch at Subway and the rest is history. They became inseparable and dated for two years, which leads them to now celebrating 5 years of marriage!
The best part about hearing how they met and started dating was that when they went to lunch together, God spoke to them both clearly. As they were praying over their food, God told them both that they were going to marry one another. That is amazing!!!

These two enjoy eating different types of foods and really love going to the Atlantic Fish for special occasions. Catching a movie after dinner is always fun for them, but they really love to attend concerts and plays together. They are always up for be spontaneous + just driving to discover really cool, new places.

It was no surprise to me when they mentioned that the hardest part about marriage is the work you need to put into it. And that every day, you have to make a choice to love and be present, even when you don’t want to. They discovered how important communication is and how vital it is to become “one.”  They realized that you have to keep working and fighting for each other.

Some thing that surprised them both about marriage was how meaningful it is to share your life with someone else. The experiences and conversations truly have enriched their lives. The best part about the work you put in is that you can discover new things about yourself and about your relationship.

The biggest thing they do to keep their love alive + fresh is talk; asking each other new questions. They love to explore and experience new things together + have committed to having one date night a month to make sure they have some alone time.

Their advice to any soon to be married or newlyweds is: “The wedding is a beautiful occasion to celebrate your love and commitment to each other, but do not solely focus on the wedding! Get marriage counseling beforehand if you can, or have it through out marriage. When we got engaged, my parents told us to not compete with other couples. This was great advice! Every couple is different, just enjoy where you are in your particular journey! :)”

They have a little son, Luke, who is just 8 months. He has the most edible cheeks!!! So we made sure to make time to capture their family, but ended their session with just the two of them.

Ahh, I can’t handle the cuteness!

So sweet. Cori, you are such a hot mama!

Just look at that face!!!


Luke is like, “I’m not paying them no mind.” 😂

He’s getting there!

Obsessed with this shot.

As much as I enjoyed capturing their little family, I was super excited for these two to have some alone time, in honor of their 5 years of marriage + love. We strolled along the outskirts of the beautiful campus, where I was able to steal some sweet moments. We headed toward the beautiful Week’s bridge, that goes over the Charles River.

Brickwalls + pretty trees; Cambridge is stunning.

Love this! And the way Alton really started getting into the session when it was just their time. It was so sweet!

In love. Cori, you are flawless!

I do NOT want to know what he was whispering to her… LOL

Home is where you are.✨

So gorgeous!

Such beautiful people; inside + out.

Well, the sun set + we had to end our great evening. These two were just perfect!

Cori + Alton, thank you so much for such an incredible evening! I absolutely adore you two + especially, little Luke. You both are brilliant + are super sweet together. I loved hearing about your story + how God brought you all together. It’s amazing + such a gift!

I cannot wait to see where God will take you all in the next 5 years! I pray you both continue to enjoy one another, through every season of life. And may you both go on that vacation ALONE together, it will be amazing, trust me!!! (haha)

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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