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Blissful Meadows Wedding: Max and Mikaela


It could not have been a more perfect day for a fall wedding in mid-October. The sun was shining, the rich fall colors were starting to really show.  Mikaela + Max picked this date well over a year ago + it just amazed me how blessed they were to literally have picked the perfect day. For their rustic, elegant style, Blissful Meadows could not have been a more suitable place. The grounds were absolutely stunning + provided so many great locations for amazing photographs.
Max thought that there was no way this beautiful girl would be with him on the day he laid eyes on her, but his sweet heart + bear-like cuddliness made it hard for her to resist. He proposed to her at their family’s annual pig roast, + here we are. They were surrounded by so many friends + family who just adored these two. Between the sweet moments with the ones they love, heartfelt vows shared at the ceremony, + special dances, this by far was one of the most beautiful, + sweetest weddings I have ever been to.

I fell in love with all of the thought + detail Mikaela put into her special day. It all turned out amazing! Everything looked absolutely beautiful…you really just need to see for yourself!

Details, details! My second favorite thing to shoot. In love with all of the prettiness!

Just love the lace + that diamond. 😍

There was so much joy + excitement in the room where Mikaela + her girls were getting ready.

That dress. 😍


I loved their matching robes and their names monogramed on them!

Mikaela with Max’s mom, too cute!

Obsessed. So stunning Mikaela!

Time for the dress!

Such a sweet moment with her mama.

Their reaction looking at Mikaela was so priceless! Her mama’s couldn’t have been more proud!


Everyone was all ready and they looked AMAZING!

The beautiful ladies!

Before the ceremony we decided that Mikaela would do a first look with her father. She looked absolutely gorgeous as I snuck in some beautiful shots of just her.

Mikaela you are beyond beautiful. It truly is a reflection on the outside of what is on the inside. I adore you!

Mikaela’s sister walked her dad over to make sure he didn’t see her till it was time.

His reaction is PRICELESS.

Awww. I melted!

This is my FAVORITE picture of these two. So adorable!!!

Time for the boys to get ready!

Max with his mama. 🙂

Max looked so handsome!!!

Just look at him!

The foliage was PERFECT. Such a beautiful ceremony site.

1 Corinthians 3:4-8 never gets old. Truly a scripture we all should live by.

Mikaela, you are too precious. I loved how excited she was!

Just moments before she walked down the aisle.

She definitely pulled up in style. I love this.

Max eagerly waiting for her to walk down.

I can’t!!! Just look at his teary eyes. I melt.

When daddy’s hand off their little girl… gets me every time!

It could not have been a better scenery + a more perfect day!

There was not a dry eye in the house as they shared their vows to one another.

I could barely hold it together as Mikaela was sharing hers. So beautiful.

The exchanging of rings.

And now, “you may kiss the bride.” <3

You just had to smile watching these two!

So much joy!!


They’re married!!!!

They snuck off for a little cruise in this classic, old fashioned car.

Mama, Sissy, + the Bride. 💕

The whole fam!

Woo hoo! I guess you could say they are excited!!!

I love this car!

Max + his men. 

Mikaela sure picked some beautiful bridesmaids! They all looked amazing.

These bouquets were STUNNING!

I LOVE this. #squad

Now it was time for my favorite part, taking pictures of just the Bride + Groom! It was sweet having that time for them alone together to regroup before the rest of the evening unfolded.

Can we all just admire + stare at how beautiful this couple is!!

I love how Jeremy snuck in on this shot and got the one on the left, while I was taking the one on the right. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Mikaela, you are just stunning.

That light!!!

I love this. Each picture from Jeremy + my different angle.

So sweet. Then we were off to party at the reception!!!

This barn is absolutely stunning! I fell in love with all of the white drapery.

So sweet seeing Mikaela + Max’s engagement pictures we took last year on display. 😍

I love how the end of the night, this board was filled with everyone’s signatures + little messages.

I just love every detail. Mikaela + the team at Blissful Meadows did such an amazing job!


Gosh, they are so cute!!!

I love this. Just look at daddy watching his little girl.

Mikaela’s dad shared such a funny + heartfelt words about the “Father’s Heart,” before he blessed the food.

Max’s best man definitely had us all dying… cheers, for being together forever! 😉

To Max + Mikaela!

Chantell, Mikaela’s sister, did such an amazing job. So cute hearing her talk about Max + her relationship + Mikaela’s name changing.

So heartfelt + beautiful.

Time to cut the cake!

If he didn’t run away, I swear she would have thrown that cake! 😂

Then it was time for Mikaela + her Daddy to have their father-daugher dance.

They are too precious. These dances get me every time.

They are so adorable. I can’t handle it!

Max + his mother now get their chance for their dance together. So precious.

This melts my heart.

Now it’s party time!!

I love Mikaela + her sister’s relationship. So sweet!

So much love everywhere!


Let’s just say these guys were having a great time!

Everyone had such a fun time in the Photo Booth!

They stole a few moments alone together, making sure to add this to their photo booth picture collection. So cute!

Get it boo boo! LOL… I love this girl!

Mikaela + Max, I cannot thank you enough for letting me be apart of your special day! I just thank God so much for placing you in my life + giving me the honor to be there for you. It meant the world to me!!! You too are beyond adorable + I know that if you continue to put one another first, always forgive, + over communicate, you will be able to get through anything. I love you both dearly + pray you are having an AMAZING honeymoon!!! 😘

Much joy,

Charity HOPE



Venue: Blissful Meadows

Coordinator: Melissa

Hair: Lindsey

Makeup: Erin

Bridal Gown: VeLace Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal

DJ: Sound Force Alfredo

Photo Booth: Eduardo Alves Events

Officiant: Jeanie

What I will do to make sure we get those beautiful shots at pretty angles! Those years of me doing gymnastics came in handy. 😉

I love these two + having my hubby there to second shoot with me!

Melissa was such an amazing coordinator, super sweet!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Thank you for capturing these special moments and emotions for Mikaela and Max’s Love story! It’s so nice to know we can relive their wedding day when we look at these amazing pictures! 💕 Sherry & Artie

  2. Mikaela murray says:

    Charity and Jeremy!Max and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and love you showed on our wedding day, we’re so happy we met you and are so blessed to have your amazing God govern talents capture the most important day of our lives. Thank you for being amazing at what you do but beyond that thank you for being amazingly beautiful people ❤️ We love you guys!

  3. David and Gina Murray says:

    You can feel the love & joy through these photos, nevermind the undeniable beauty and creativity!You are truly gifted Charity and Jeremy! We are extremely blessed to have these memories so vividly captured for the rest of our lives! I know Mikaela and Max are overjoyed with these photos!

  4. David and Gina Murray says:

    We are so elated with how you captured each moment! I can’t help look at them over and over again!

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