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Favorite Wedding + Couples in 2017!



Wow! I can’t even believe how another year has flown by!!! 2017 filled me with so much joy + amazing clients. I am absolutely in awe of how great it was to get to know all of these couples. It’s such a blessing to be able to make such deep friendships from our photographic experience. It truly was an honor being apart of such monumental moments in their lives! Every year, I love to make a post featuring some of my favorite pictures from any of the couples I captured that year. I linked their blog post to their names if you want to see the full session + read each of their stories.

Enjoy all of this genuine beauty + love! So excited for what’s in store this 2018!!! 😄

Karissa + Royce Vow Renewal!

Angela + Tom Engagement!

Kaitlin + Andrew Wedding!

Michelle + Cliff Anniversary!

Brenda + Robinson Wedding!

Anthony + Nal’s Intimate Wedding!

Ethan + Kendra Wedding Celebration (Part 2)

Dorothy + Patrick Wedding Celebration (Part 2)

Angela + Tom Wedding!

Felicia + Kenny Engagement!

Natashia + Edwin Engagement!

Clarissa + Elvis Engagement!

Debbie + Tyler’s Engagement!

Emetta + Wilmot Engagement!

Cori + Alton Anniversary!

Erin + Chris Anniversary!

Mikaela + Max Wedding!

Jannie + Lavelay Anniversary! 

Clarissa + Elvis Wedding!

Again, big thank you to all of my clients. You all are so near + dear to my hearts! I can honestly say I did a little victory dance or shout, every time one of you booked with me. I guess that’s the beauty of working with a small business owner; it’s personal!You all have blessed me + my family in more ways than you will ever know. Thank you, Thank you!!!

I can’t wait for some of your weddings coming up this year too! And I’m super excited to see what other new couples I will get to work with after some of you will be inspired after checking out this post. So please reach out to me if you would like to connect! I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

P.S And if you would like a little insight into my hubby + I; check out this post I shared of the 7 questions my followers wanted answered about my marriage! 

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