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Providence Anniversary: Shauna + Thomas


There couldn’t have been a more perfect place for Shauna + Thomas to celebrate their 3 year + 3 month anniversary session, than in the heart of Providence! And it just so happened to be our 3rd anniversary session together 🙂 Their love was captured in the fall, summer, + now winter. Providence is the place where their love has grown + where they enjoy eating different types of yummy food together. They truly just love spending quality time with one another + trying new things, like sky diving, archery, hiking, camping, or horseback riding!
Tom really admires how open, loving and giving Shauna is.  Shauna loves how patient, determined, loving, loyal, honest, supportive, and understanding and accepting Thomas was from the beginning. He never gave up on her and didn’t let her past baggage stop him from pursuing her.

An embarrassing moment they had together was the first time that they said, “I love you.”  Tom had stated early on in their relationship that he would not be the first one to say it.  It happened as they were leaving his house and were saying their goodbyes. Shauna thought that he had said it, so she just said it back, but then noticed the stunned look on his face. Tom asked what she said and Shauna tried to run away out of huge embarrassment. Later that night on the phone he made her repeat what she said, they discussed it, and then he said it back.

They keep their love alive and fresh by constant renewal each day and making the choice to put in effort, and be intentional, even when it’s difficult. They believe in the importance of communicating about EVERYTHING. They both continue to put effort into their relationship by thinking of the other person, listening well, and never giving up. They work on bettering themselves and the relationship. They believe in being transparent and completely honest with one another, even when that is tough, but believe it is necessary to help one another grow. So as they continue to be intentional in all areas of the relationship, their love becomes alive!

One of the hardest things to overcome in their relationship was learning how to fully trust, communicate well, not give up. This has been the longest relationship they both have been in, so they are constantly learning one another. So with that comes a lot of learning. There have been many past fears and triggers that have come up for Shauna, but Tom has seen all of her: good, bad, and the ugly, and continues to love her anyway. They never gave up on each other, doing everything out of love and hope for their future.

They both agreed that the 2 years Shauna was in graduate school presented many unique and trying challenges. Not just related to school but in their personal lives. Tom was very supportive of her and was a strong shoulder for her to lean on. He was there for her, respected her for where she was in this stressful time, and was there holding her hand throughout the challenges.

Their favorite scripture for their relations ship is “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. I think God definitely has blessed them with their love for one another, and filling that desire to have someone who they could spend the rest of their lives with. They plan to continue traveling and investing quality time with one another to allow their relationship to grow. A marriage and having a family together is also another desire of their hearts. 

Shauna expressed how their relationship has taught her what a healthy one looks like and what it involves. It also has allowed her to see her value and that her voice matters. She always knew that in other areas of her life, but her past and prior abusive relationship broke all that down. So for a long time she felt unloveable or unworthy, and had little hope in finding what she always desired + wanted in a relationship. Tom shared that by being in this relationship, he learned that he is slow to change and has a hard time expressing himself. So because of that, he has been working on it and continuing to nurture their relationship to show Shauna how much she means to him. 

We most definitely had to spend most of our time at Waterplace Park, located right in downtown Providence. There are so many beautiful little spots, with great city scape in the background.

I just love these!

How adorable…

They found themselves a sweet little spot on the ledge by the water.

Seriously guys, STOP. So stinkin’ cute!

Smooches for dayssss.

I don’t know what girl doesn’t love a sweet hug from behind.

So cute!

Shauna, you are stunning!

Their forever dance partner.

What a beauty 😍

In love with these beautiful buildings!

Then we made our way over to the Statehouse of course!

Ay ay!!

Absolutely beautiful.

Look at these two! Such great people individually, but even better together.

So precious.

Shauna + Thomas, thank you again for allowing me the privilege of capturing your love! I had such a great time as always + loved getting an even deeper insight into your relationship. I hope it helps + inspires others to love hard + work diligently at choosing to love one another sacrificially. I’m super excited for what the future holds for you both and can’t wait for our spring session next year!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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