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Roger Williams Park Engagement: Kathryn and Kim


Kathryn and Kim decided to document their love, at Roger Williams Park, in Providence, RI. Providence is where they both met one another, where their church is, and where their love was built. They visited this park for an outing when they first started getting to know one another.

It was a chilly, spring evening, but it allowed it to feel like it was just us there. Their smiles were contagious and warmed up my heart, but we most certainly took breaks to warm up in the car! Kathryn looked absolutely STUNNING in her little white dress and heels, nothing was stopping her from looking FABULOUS!

The best part about being around Kathryn and Kim was the fact that they both are themselves. They accept one another for who they are, not who they are trying to make the other person to be. They are beyond comfortable and know how to laugh through anything! Even when they were super cold, their spirits were high, and nothing was stopping their joy! They were the first couple that stopped me in my tracks, to make sure that we prayed together before the session. It was beautiful and God’s presence of life, hope, and joy was with us.

These two are tying the knot in just two more weeks!!! They could not be more excited to share this special day with their close loved ones. Their ceremony will powerful as they have selected so many beautiful elements and songs to really reflect God’s love and leadership in their lives and soon-to-be marriage. I know they are super excited to celebrate, dancing the night away with all of their close friends and family!

roger williams park rhode island wedding photographer

Y’all are just too cute! They make going for a stroll in the park look amazing.


Just love their smiles!

I’m pretty obsessed with this tree!!! It is so beautiful, I absolutely LOVE it!

Ahhh, come on now! Stop it! Y’all are just too sweet. 💕

YESSSS! WORK that camera guys!!!

You guys are too gorgeous together!

Such a beautiful couple!


So sweet!!

The best part about the chilly weather was that they were like the only couple at the park!

Ahhh they are just too cute!!!

We  visited Charlie,  the  horse, at the Equestrian area in the park  as  this  was  the place where Kathryn  and  Kim went  together  on  their  first  date  with  Kathryn’s  son. It meant  a lot  to  them to be  there!

I love when the sun sets at the perfect time!
They are just too cute!!!

Love that glowy light! ✨

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  1. Regina Archibald says:

    They are so cute together.

  2. Rufus Abdullah says:

    Great images!!!!!

  3. What beautiful awesome heartfelt loving photos!
    I thank the Lord for bringing you both together. You both are beautiful inside and out.
    May the glory of God continue to shine in your lives as you have united as one for the rest of your life!
    Sincerely, Auntie Cheryl 😀❤️🙏

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