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Hilton Hartford Wedding: Brianna and Mike


It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day in the heart of the city of Hartford, CT where Brianna and Mike decided to exchange their vows to one another. They committed their lives before one another, God, and their loved ones at the Hilton Hartford Hotel. Everything was decorated with beautiful white and gold colors, with black and red accents. It all looked absolutely beautiful and straight out of a movie!

These two have known one another since they were in High School! Brianna being a professional actress definitely made their day that much more extravagant! I didn’t have to direct much, this girl knows her angles, and carries herself with such a confidence. I loved how every part of the day was a special moment in time between them and their loved ones.

They decided to hold hands and pray together before the ceremony, but without seeing one another. This had to have been the sweetest and my most favorite part of the whole day. Just when angst of all the things that needed to happen was getting the best of everyone, God centered us all, and reminded us what this whole day was all about. Love, peace, and joy entered the room in that moment, and it was so beautiful!

Their ceremony had to have been one of the most tearful ceremonies I have ever attended. Between their commitment to God, each other, and their heart-felt vows, tears flowed from us all. God’s presence was evident and the joy through out the day was infectious!

The city was our back drop for their stunning portraits and I absolutely LOVED it!

Brianna and her beautiful ladies got ready in the bridal suite, on the 22nd floor. Every detail was absolutely stunning!!!

I think it was the perfect choice when she decided to go with the red lip! 😍

Brianna, you are simply breathtaking!

In love with all of the detailsss!✨

Brianna read her note from Mike out-loud and we all were already tearing up!

Her and her ladies celebrating the big day before it was time to get dressed and ready to go! 🥂

I meannnnn, come on! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Her ladies and daddy, could not have been more in awe of how stunning she looked!

Then we hid Brianna in the room, so that Mike and her could pray together before the ceremony, but she didn’t want him to see her yet! It was the SWEETEST thing I have ever witnessed and we all were crying.


So beautiful! 😭✨❤️

Mike and his men decided to take their portraits at a nearby skatepark!

It became time for the Ceremony to start, and on the way in there were so many sweet photos of Brianna and Michael from the past 8 years of them being together!!! They were so young!

I’m telling you, the tears shed at this ceremony were the most I have ever seen!

The opening prayer.✨

Michael’s dad, Michael Sr. did a scripture reading of 1 Corinthians 13, along with Brianna’s mother, Jane, who read, Ephesians 5.

When it came time for Michael to share his personal vows, we all lost it!

They were the sweetest vows I have ever heard!!! So much thought and detail.

And this is Brianna’s reaction to his vows, like… “how can I follow that!?”

Now it was her time! And of course, we were crying here as well.

And so was Mike. 🌹

They did a beautiful Unity Cross Ceremony, led by Gejuan.

They exchanged rings…

and were now officially HUSBAND and WIFE!!! ❤️

We all squished into the elevator to head outside for portraits and her ladies were admiring her beautiful wedding ring!!!! 💍

It was so much fun having the whole bridal party walking in the streets of downtown, Hartford, CT. There were so many car stops by strangers congratulating and beeping to the couple!

Their good-looking bridal party!!! ❤️✨🖤

Brianna and her Bridesmaids looked absolutely gorgeous in their black dresses. 

They made sure to reenact the “Bridesmaids” movie cover. They were spot on!

The Bauch and Gregorio family’s!

The Mr. and Mrs. looked amazing!!!

Their crew headed in to enjoy the last bit of the cocktail hour so that we could capture some more portraits of just the Bride + Groom!


Such a beautiful couple!!


I loved how we had this side of the sidewalk to ourselves!

Timeless. ✨

Cocktail hour was over, and it was time for the reception to begin! 

Everything was decorated so beautifully to match the rest of the day.

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Gregorio!

So sweet!

So beautiful!

They are too cute! 😭

They invited their parents to the dance floor to join them!

This was too sweet! ❤️

Then all of the rest of the couples did as well!

It was time for dinner and their friend Sam, who is a co-worker of my husband, led the dinner blessing!

Mike’s childhood best friend and best man, Jay gave the first speech. It was very heartfelt and funny all at the same time! So amazing to see so much love for Mike, but also for Brianna.

Brittany, Brianna’s sister,  also gave an amazing speech that really helped give great insight into Brianna’s heart and how amazing Mike treats her. A beautiful standard Brianna has held, for all other ladies to follow, of how a man should cherish and be for his woman!

And she looked absolutely gorgeous too!

To the Bride and Groom!

Time for more dancing and the special dances!

Father daughter dances get me every everytime! 😭

And in the background (my right hand man for the day), doing an amazing job, as always:  David Anthony Media!

So sweet!❤️

Michael and his beautiful mama!

After that, these two played the hilarious wedding shoe game to see how well they both knew one another and their part in their relationship! They each had to either hold one of their own shoe or the others shoe,  to answer the question asked to them, by lifting up which shoe for who best fit the answer.

It was hilarious to see their answers and they did great!

They got about 85% of the same answers!!!

Then it was time for LOTS of dancing!!!

Uncle Nick had us all laughing on the dance floor!


The Congo line got EVERYONE on their feet!

There was no doubt that all of the guests were having a great time!

Michael’s beautiful grandmother!

The crew. 

I love how close Michael and his sister, Karly, are!

There was a whole lot of fun between all of the bouquet and garter festivities!

Let’s just say, the party was,…. LIT!

They did a simple cake cutting…

… and then the night was coming to an end.  And since it was became my time to leave, we made sure to sneak outside to catch some sweet last moments between them under the city lights!

It. was. WORTH. IT ! ❤️

Brianna and Mike,

Thank you so much for choosing me to document such a beautiful and heartfelt wedding day! I literally have never been apart of a more emotional, tearful day. I’m pretty sure there was not one dry eye at your ceremony! It felt almost surreal to be able to witness such precious moments between you two and your loved ones. THANK YOU!!!

You two have been through so many seasons of growth together and it is a rare find to have made it this far. I am so honored to have gotten to see you both shine, in God’s unconditional love, to everyone that matters most to you. The celebration was amazing and so much fun to be apart! So much love for you guys!!! May God continue to bless and anoint your beautiful marriage!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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