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Cedar Brook Barn Wedding: Seth and Melissa


It was nothing short of the PERFECT day for a beautiful, barn wedding! Melissa and Seth’s wedding day was simply amazing and full of so much love. Their closest friends and family celebrated their commitment  to one anther on the beautiful grounds in Lisbon, CT at the Cedar Brook Barn! The barn was just 10min. from their home they have together. These two met back in High School, but it wasn’t until 2015 where they really got to know one another, but have been inseparable ever since!

Melissa, by far, is one of the sweetest brides I have ever met! She put so many great touches and work into making this beautiful barn and grounds come to life!! There was so much greenery and cute details. I loved everything about it. Their was a beautiful breeze in the trees and the weather was PERFECT!

There was so much love and support that surrounded them from their families. The bond they each have with their siblings is so sweet, each having one of their siblings as the Best Man and Maid of Honor. There was no doubt how much Melissa’s sister and Seth’s brother new how great they were for one another. I know that my eyes weren’t the only ones tearing up.

They are such a beautiful couple, who you can undoubtedly tell how much they love and respect one another. They looked absolutely AMAZING!!! Needless to say, their pictures speak for themselves!

Melissa and her ladies got ready in the loft of the barn. It was so cute and convenient to have everything all in the same place!

Her dress was just STUNNING!

Her mama and her sister helped button up her dress.

Melissa and her ladies looked so gorgeous! Obsessed with the colors!!

Then Seth was finishing up his final touches before their ‘First look’ together!

He was eagerly waiting to see his beautiful bride!

That smile!!!

So so sweet! It’s crazy to think about how these were the only moments they had alone together through out the whole day.

You are so BEAUTIFUL Melissa!

Then it was time for the ceremony to start. The ceremony site was simply beautiful and right outside the barn.

I loved all of their beautiful details.

I love these wine barrels!

The sweetest moment! ❤️


So beautiful.

Melissa’s beautiful grandmother.

The exchanging of rings. 💍

THIS is what we ALL were waiting for!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez! 💕

The moment when you turn to your person after you just did the thing! …


Such a good looking bridal party!


Melissa’s beautiful family!

Seth with his parents! 💕

Melissa and her daddy are the cutest!!!

Melissa with her grandmother was the sweetest!

In LOVE with these shots of them in the barn!!!

Their cocktail hour was right outside the barn on the beautiful grounds.

Everyone got their own jar to drink from!

Such a beautiful time of everyone mingling and making memories!

They look too good!

Some sweet moments of them together before they headed inside for the reception to begin!

They are too cute!!!

The barn was decorated so beautifully! I loved all of the white details. ✨

June 1, 2019 will definitely be ‘One’ day they will never forget!!!

Their ‘First Dance’ as Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez!!!

Awe, they are so sweet together!

Seeing the way Seth is with her, especially at this point in the dance, brought tears to my eyes!!!

Then dinner was served and the speeches began!

Melissa’s sister, Jess, gave such a heart felt toast! So sweet hearing what she had to say about them.

Seth’s brother, Alex, was at a loss for words, but you knew deep down how happy he was for his brother and how he can’t wait for them to join the #parentclub. haha

Seth ended up sharing some heartfelt words to all of the guests. He most certainly emphasized his love for Melissa and how much he missed her from being apart the night prior. He undoubtedly loves and cherishes her so deeply!

So of course he couldn’t get away being that sweet without a kiss.😭✨💕

Then as dinner was coming to an end, it was time for Melissa to dance with her father. And you all know how much ‘The Father Daughter Dance’ makes me cry!!!

So so sweet.

Then Seth danced with his beautiful mama, Beth.

You can tell how close he is with his mama, he will always be her baby boy. 💕

Melissa watching them dance… 😭✨💕


Then it was time for some mingling, dancing, and DESSERT! ❤️

Everything looked and tasted AMAZING!

I love how they picked all of the classic and BEST comfort sweets!

With everyone’s mason jar in hand, there was so much fun happening on the dance floor!

Everyone had a blast!

Get itttt!

She’s next!!!

Such a great end to the beautiful night!

Melissa and Seth,

Thank you sooo much for allowing me to document and be apart of your beautiful day! It was such an honor to witness. Y’all ever so beautifully intertwined so many heartfelt moments, sweet details, and much fun! I’m  beyond excited for you guys and the adventures ahead!!! I of course can’t wait to see your growing family one day, but ENJOY this time alone together. Praying you both are living it up in MEXICO!!!

Again, THANK YOU! I will forever be praying for many blessed years together and the strength to keep going when times get tough (for its inevitable), but that you always look back at this day, and remember why it all began. ❤️✨🌿

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Lana Hudon says:

    Congratulations Seth & Melissa. May the love you share today be forever. Wishing you both many, many years of health and happiness together. My Best. 🍾🥂👰🤵

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