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Fortwetherill Park Engagement: Jean and Hazel


Monday evening had the most perfect breeze, sunset, and view for Hazel and Jean’s engagement session at Fortwetherill Park! These two love birds have known one another since grade school.  In 7th grade, Hazel was knitting a foley for her mother and a classmate happened to reach for it in her bag. He ended up unraveling it by accident and she cried (like I definitely would have!). Jean was surely there to comfort her and help make her feel better, and in his words, “I’ve been trying to make her happy ever since.” He always had his eye on her and they were each others best friend over the years. It wasn’t until 6 years ago that they became officially a couple!

This past October, they went on a vacation in California, eating yummy food and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Jean, had the ring in his pocket all through out one of the days, waiting for the perfect moment to ask her. It wasn’t till the next day, after they got back at home, while still in their pajamas, when he proposed to her! That was the time it just felt right to him. She had previously expressed her desire to have a ring that wasn’t full of diamonds, so her ring is so unique, being a Montana Blue Sapphire diamond. It is GORGEOUS and definitely fitting for her after getting to know Hazel more.

There is no doubt how comfortable and at ease these two are with one another. They truly have gotten to know one another; the good, the bad, each others quirks,  and they still can’t wait to step into this next chapter of their lives. Their solid foundation of friendship and commitment to one another over the years is admirable. You can tell just in the way that Jean looks at her, how much she is cherished. Hazel is a very poised, intelligent, and naturally BEAUTIFUL woman. Jean’s sense of humor either has her laughing or rolling her eyes (something I can totally relate to, haha). They are totally themselves and that is the best part!

Their wedding day is just less than 2 months away and it will be such a beautiful time surrounded by all of their close friends and family! Hazel and Jean are absolutely adorable together and I cannot wait to see them be unified as ‘One.’ They are paving the way and preparing their home to be a place of genuine love, safety, and security, for their future family one day! Such an exciting season of their lives!!!

These two!! 😍


This golden hour glow was breath taking!

Obsessed with them and this view!

Hazel, you are STUNNING!

Jean, always making her laugh!

LOVE LOVE LOVE her ring!

Just something about black and whites….💕

So sweet!

I just love these!


I just adore them!

Then we headed to a different part of the cliffs for their second outfit change, as the sun was starting to go down!

That glow! ✨

It was like it was just the two of them there…

Love them.

So sweet.


Nothing like kicking off your heels and being swept up by your boo for one, last epic kiss to wrap up the night!!! 😍😍😍

Hazel and Jean,

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this amazing season of your lives! I am so glad that I’m not seeing y’all as wedding guests anymore, but now as the Bride + Groom!!! Your wedding day is going to be here before we know it and I’m so excited! Y’all were amazing and such a joy to be around. I cannot wait to see all that your future holds!!! See y’all again soon!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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