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Beavertail Lighthouse Engagement: Stacy and Joe


It was a beautiful evening at Beavertail Lighthouse, capturing Stacy and Joe’s love! The sun gave us that gorgeous glow and the most beautiful sunset!!! These two met one another through a mutual friend at a restaurant, not knowing the other would be there. Stacy was super bummed with she had to leave early because she wanted to get to know him more, but hat was not the last time these two saw one another (clearly)! The following weekend they got to together and have been inseparable ever since!

It was on Thanksgiving of 2016 where they officially became a couple. When it comes to their dating life, these two don’t need much but one another! They love snuggling up, watching a movie, with some good wine, cheese and crackers (my kind of people!). But of course, the occasional fun outing to do a cooking class or carve pumpkins have been some of their favorite dates! They love finding new places to eat dinner together, exploring new areas, and their Sunday car drives.

The sweetest part about their relationship was finding out that they both have daughters, who are exactly the same age! They all love one another and get along so well. There is nothing they love more than to be together, making memories with their girls. Both Stacy and Joe have always been committed to caring for their daughters well! They are most looking forward to blending their new family officially together!!!

Joe is completely in love with Stacy’s sense of humor! She always keeps him smiling and laughing. He most certainly loves her heart for children as a mother and a teacher. It is evident her love for them in all that she does!  Stacy also loves the way he makes her laugh, but especially Joe’s big heart and sacrificial love. He is always putting her and the girls before himself!

When it came time for Joe to propose to Stacy, it was nothing short of an EPIC proposal! He took her to a corn-maze, where she saw their families and their girls  along the way. Then when she got to Joe, he went down on one knee. Needless to say, she was so surprised and overwhelmed with joy and excitement! He even had a drone recording the whole thing!!! It was so beautiful!  Everyone there celebrated with them back at their house with a pizza party. It turned out to be the PERFECT night and one they’ll never forget!

Stacy and Joe are beyond excited to share their wedding day next spring with their close friends and family!  These two value their relationships with their loved ones so heavily and cannot wait to have everyone there to witness their new family coming together!!!

So stunning!!!

They are too cute!

So gorgeous Stacy!

I’m in LOVE with them and these beautiful rocks so much!

This ring is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

That glowy light at the start of their session was dreamy!

There just so happened to be an event, with A LOT of children around us and you could never tell!! They helped give us MANY laughs!

So sweet.

The sunset and the beautiful clouds as the night was coming to an end were EPIC!

So sweet… I love how much he adores her.

Ah!! These two are too sweet!



This scenery is just unbelievable!

Stacy killed this!! Conquered her fears and looked FABULOUS while doing it!

Then as the sun was about to set, we made our way over to a nearby beach. It was so calm and beautiful!


Stacy and Joe,

Thank you so much for blessing me with the opportunity to capture this sweet season in your lives! I am so happy to be apart of your journey! You two are beyond great for each other and I love your story. Your beautiful family is the sweetest thing ever and I cannot wait to meet your girls!!! Your wedding day is going to be beyond beautiful and I cannot wait to be apart! Next year will be here before we know it! Spending the evening with y’all was such a GIFT and a JOY. Thank you again!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Tabi says:

    These were beautiful photos! You guys are so sweet and your adoration for each other is evident. I love the scenery. And Stacy you are fierce walking on the rocks in those heels. Get it girl!! Love you guys. You look amazing. XOXO

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