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RW Botanical Gardens Wedding: Jean + Hazel


It was a gorgeous evening celebrating Hazel and Jean’s botanical garden wedding! September 8th, will forever be etched in their hearts as the day they made history as a couple, but also for their future family.  The sweetest part about their wedding day was seeing these best friends, whom have known one another since middle school, seal their friendship with this forever commitment.

Jean’s sincere commitment and loyalty to Hazel over the years is honorable. It was in middle school when he walked her home from school. Their first actual encounter he accidentally ruined her doily she was making (in middle school), which then resulted in her crying. In his own words he said, “I have been trying to make her happy ever since.”

Well there is no doubt how much Jean loves to make Hazel happy, comfortable, and secure. He was definitely one who loves and cares for the people around him well. Hazel also has this way about her that breeds a genuine care and loyalty to the people she loves, but she exuberates this soft confidence and knows what she wants. There is no wonder Jean saw something worth pursuing for all of those years. His faithful pursuit in their friendship, always showing up, eventually led to this point. The point of realizing, I don’t want to go through this thing called “life” with anyone else.

Hazel spent the morning getting ready at her mother’s home, with her sisters, mother, grandmother, and of course, their dog Coco. It was such a relaxing time together and all of them looked so beautiful. Then they made their way to Roger Williams Park to take some portraits together, but also for Hazel and Jean to do their First Look. Jean’s reaction to seeing her was the cutest!!! I don’t think I’ve seen that big of a smile on his face. He was super excited to FINALLY see her dress because he has been dying to know which one she picked out. And of course, he loved it and especially on her! Hazel looked unbelievably GORGEOUS!!!

Then we made our way to the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens for their wedding ceremony, where their close friends and loved ones were there in support. They relaxed together during cocktail hour officially as husband and wife. The rest of the evening was full of great food, sweet words from their loved ones, and then a whole lot of DANCING!!! It was a beautiful day!

The details on her dress were stunning.

Her dog Coco, had to be in on all of the action.

Oh Hazel, you are so beautiful.

So beautiful how their rings match.

Mama helped get her ready with the finishing touches.

A  Bride  with  her  pup.

It turned out to be the most beautiful day for portraits! The park was stunning, glowing with light.

Such beautiful women!

Grandma couldn’t hold back her tears… it was so sweet.

Just stunning!

Such a gorgeous, cascading bouquet!

Jean joined us at the park and was immediately put into position to see his beautiful Bride for the first time that day!

They both were ready!!!


Needless to say, he thought she looked beautiful!

They some sweet time together, but then met up with the rest of the group who couldn’t wait to see them together!

Obsessed. They are so perfect together!

Those smiles and that light, just perfect!

So beautiful!!!

YASS!!! Their Squad was their family.

Jean couldn’t have his special day without his brother by his side.

They looked sharp!

Jean with is mama was the cutest!

I mean… Hazel, you are BREATHTAKING!!!

We had to do at least one epic lift shot!!!




Then Hazel walked through the garden to get tucked away before the ceremony began.

The ceremony took place inside the botanical gardens and looked beautiful!

The guests were super excited and ready to see the beautiful Bride! So much so, they had to selfie it (haha).

The moment we all can’t wait to see…

So precious.

They exchanged rings and sweet vows of commitment.

And those symbols and declaration of their loving commitment was sealed with a kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. !

The guests all headed to cocktail hour and the newlyweds, headed into the reception area to have some relaxing time together.

I caught them sitting on the bench talking and having a refreshment.

Power couple.

I can’t help but share this photo again. Just BEAUTIFUL!!


It was so cool having the coy fish to look at through out the evening.

Then it was time for the reception to begin!!!

Mr. and Mrs. LORENZO!

They went right into their First Dance.

Everyone was gathered all around them while they danced.

They all gathered together for a group shot!

Hazel’s father gave the blessing before the food.

Hazel’s sister Haydee gave a sweet speech about the first time she met Jean, was in middle school when he was walking her across the street, and she said, “you’re going to marry him!” Well sure enough, years later, here we are!!!

Jean’s brother followed with a sweet speech about the lovely couple, their character, and just how great they are together.

Dinner ended, it was then time for the cake cutting.

And it looked DELICIOUS!

It was now time to PARTY!!!

Hazel gracefully and magnificently was able to dance and hold her wine without spilling it the entire time. I’m not quite sure how!

Everyone had such a good time!

This is the smile of Hazel watching me dance with her mother! If mama asks, I dance!!

Lots of people had their time in the middle of the circle, but when Hazel finally did, it was THE BEST!!!

Such a great night!

Hazel and Jean,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your special day! It turned out so beautifully and you too looked AMAZING!!! I’m so excited to see all that the future holds for you guys. I cannot wait to see all that is in store and seeing your future family grow one day! I’m so grateful for you two and making me feel like family. Praying so many blessings over your marriage!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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