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Mystic CT Bridge Engagement: Courtney and Drew


It was the perfect, mid-September evening, spent in downtown Mystic, CT for Courtney and Drew’s engagement session! This very area, specifically by the Mystic Bridge is extra special for them. It was there, where Drew set up an AMAZING proposal, with a little help from his nearby jeweler, and lots of planning!

Drew and Courtney met while playing together in an indoor soccer league. They immediately hit it off and have been keeping each other around ever since. These two still enjoy playing together to this day! There is such a gentle patience and grace that they have for one another. You can see how well they work together as a team and also as great dog parents for their cute boy, Zeus! Which of course, he joined us for part of the session and he most certainly was stealing the show!

When Drew decided it was time to pick out her engagement ring, he ended up going to Mallove’s of Mystic! As he was picking out the ring, they asked if he had a proposal planned yet. He did not at the time, so they asked if he would be up to partnering with them, to create an amazing proposal video of it all happening! He of course was up for it, which I’m sure he is glad he said, “yes!”

They planned the proposal so that Courtney would just think she was shopping around in the shops at Mystic, but little did she know that when it was time for the bridge to go up, a boat was riding by, tooting it’s horn, and with a banner on it that said, “Courtney, will you marry me?” Then Drew surprised her by coming out of the nearby toy store, went down on one knee, while everyone was watching, and asked for her hand in marriage! She of course said, “Yes!” Then they were flooded and hugged by their close friends and family!

It is so sweet being able to watch the video of it all, you can’t help, but cry!!! Now we can add these engagement pictures of them together, which are absolutely adorable. It is such a sweet season of engagement for these two, but I know they cannot wait to officially start their lives together as ‘One,’ next fall!

So adorable!

I love this!

Courtney loves sunflowers, so this was the closest thing to it. 😘

Courtney, you are so beautiful!!!

This is Zeus, and what a handsome addition to their love.

The Mystic River Park was such a cute area to photograph by. The surrounding water and boardwalk was perfect!

They’re too cute!

So sweet.


This was spot! The bridge lifted up, a boat went by, with the banner on it that said, “Courtney, will you marry me?” I think we all know she couldn’t turn down that proposal!!!

This Mystic River/Bridge area will forever have a special place in their hearts.

So beautiful and quaint.

This was the bench Drew sat at while waiting for Courtney to arrive and get into the area. He also waited in a nearby toy store for a really long time, since Courtney was shopping, not having any idea what was about to happen!

I think it is safe to say that Drew did a good job picking out her ring!

It was so fun walking around and exploring the area!

Awe! Y’all look too good together!!!

We stopped by Margarita’s since this is a spot that Courtney loves to go to!

So sweet!!

Zeus sure loved to be apart of their session! We couldn’t go anywhere without people stopping and admiring how cute he is.

Then we ended our evening getting ice cream at the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream shop, where they previously went to get ice cream after he had proposed!

Courtney and Drew,

Thank you so much for letting me in on your sweet engagement season and story! It was so cute exploring the Mystic Village area with you guys and seeing the places y’all love to go and do. I loved hearing Drew share all the details and behind the scenes of making that epic proposal happen! I am be honored to have been able to document this special time in your lives!! I cannot wait to see all that is in store for you two! So excited for your wedding day!!! Praying all the best with the wedding plans and that you enjoy the ride! Next fall will be here before we know it!!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Deb Gideon says:

    These pictures are amazing and show so much love they have for each other and of Zeus too. Can’t wait to see the pictures in the future also.

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