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Fortwetherill Engagement: Ormarie and Juan


It was a gorgeous fall day at Fortwetherill Park, overlooking the ocean, where Ormarie and Juan’s love was captured. These two have been united by their genuine love for one another and their commitment to their faith in God. It was at their church where they first met one another. Shortly after that they decided grab some yummy Thai food after service one day to get to know one another. They had been dating ever since October 6th, 2017. They both love and adore their families, so it meant a lot to them to have their blessing. I think everyone knew these two were meant for one another!

It was on March 31st, 2018  when Juan decided that he was going to ask for Ormarie’s hand in marriage. It was the day after Passover, where Ormarie and him were in church together, where the pastor opened up with talking about commitment and the love for our Creator. To her surprise, the Pastor then called up Juan to the stage! Mind you, Ormarie is currently videotaping the service (since that is what she was doing to serve at that particular service), not to mention how Juan doesn’t normally like the spotlight. She was in SHOCK!

Well, Juan started pouring out his heart in front of everyone, expressing how much he enjoys their time spent together and how grateful he is that God connected their paths. He shared how much he loves the relationship she has with her nieces and how it gives him a glimpse into knowing how she’ll be a great mother one day, and of course, a whole bunch of other sweet things. Then he got on one knee and asked if she would marry him. She of course said, “Yes!” All she could do was hold him tight as she was in disbelief at what just happened. There were no words to articulate and all they could hear was the whole church clapping!  Even her mother in law was balling her eyes out because the family had been praying so much for them to be married.

These two are strongly unified by their faith, but are also lighthearted and fun! They enjoy playing sports and being in the outdoors. Nothing like a good hike! They are also foodies, so they love going out to eat on dates together. He doesn’t seem to have a favorite spot since they are all great to him, but their second date, that was at the ‘Top of the Hub’ in Boston and that was a date she will never forget!

These two decided to do a very simple, legal wedding ceremony on May 24, 2018 to become officially husband and wife! They have been enjoying living with their best friend; sharing many laughs, tears, stress, and even the distance of being apart since he was deployed for a while. The distance apart in those times have only made their love grow stronger and their communication keeps getting better. They have grown so much together, in many different areas, and they are both hard working people. They are so excited to build their own family together one day and want their marriage to glorify God.

It was always their intention to have the wedding day they always dreamed of.  He cannot wait to see Ormarie in her white wedding dress, walking down the aisle, surrounded by all of their close friends and family, and before God. And she (of course) is dying to see his reaction of her. It will be a beautiful, symbolic day, full of so much joy and love. Spring of 2020 cannot come soon enough!

Obsessed with their look and how the wind was blowing her hair!

Ormarie, you are STUNNING!

I meannnnn. 😍

These two killed it!


Simply stunning.

And of course, they practiced their ‘First Dance’ together with the ocean and the sun as their back drop!

So gorgeous!

I mean, flawless, just flawless!!

I love their love!

Ahh, these two are too cute!

Then, they changed into their casual, fall attire, and we adventured to best spot to watch the sunset!


So sweet…

Loved capturing some organic moments between them when they thought I wasn’t looking…

Ormarie and Juan,

Thank you for such an amazing time with you two!!! I had so much fun and I absolutely adore your marriage. I am so excited to witness such a beautiful and symbolic wedding day in front of your loved ones. I am so honored to be apart! I cannot wait!!! Keep shining your light, it is so evident for all to see. Love you guys dearly!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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