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Botanica Wedding Florals: Christmas Bridal Inspiration


On Monday afternoon, Giti from Botanical Wedding Florals and I decided to bring some warmth and Christmas inspiration to these cold winter days! We created some MAGIC as we were left freely to CREATE in her Botanica Wedding Floral studio. Giti’s design goal was to create a warm, elegant look for a Christmas, winter wedding, with a garden style look. She used many different beautiful florals such as Anthurium, Ranunculus, toffee roses, black pearl red rose with berries, and winters greenery!

She created a beautiful tablescape incorporating the florals and greenery, with red candles, and decorative tableware and flatware. The nearby window was also designed so impeccably! The florals filled the bottom of the window and flowed right up the wall. It truly was a work of art.

The bouquet was filled with all of the florals mentioned above. It was absolutely STUNNING and another beautiful piece of art, that added so much to the look. The creative risk and thought process of thinking outside of the box for the Christmas look is truly is amazing. I have never seen a Christmas inspired floral design look like this and I am in awe!!

The last design piece was also a gorgeous floral crown that our model wore! It was such a beautiful touch and truly an amazing element for a bride to incorporate on her special day. Eventually we took out the headpiece and pulled back the bride’s hair to show another look. A bride could easily wear the floral crown for the ceremony, then take off the crown and have her hair pulled back for the reception.

Because the floral design was so extravagant, we went with a very simple, but elegant gown. The Bridal Garden of Rhode Island, provided us with the perfect dress to complete the look! The model, Camille, looked AMAZING!!! Everything about her and her look brought the whole thing together. It could not have come together more beautifully! 

Simply breathtaking!!!

Seriously, can she be anymore gorgeous?!


I love the fruit accents. Gives it such a great touch.

This table looked impeccable. Absolutely stunning!

In love with the open back of this dress.

Everything looked amazing when it all came together.

In love with this more simple and elegant look.


I just love the little details.

Her smile!!!


Just gorgeous!

I had to add a couple black and whites! Love the emotion evoked in them.

This shoot couldn’t hav been more perfect! Everything came together beautifully. It goes to show how you can create a unique Christmas look, that will truly wow everyone, when you think outside the box! Big thank you again to Botanica Wedding Florals, Bridal Garden RI, and Camille, it has been my dearest pleasure to work with you. You all truly brought all of these images to LIFE!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE



The woman behind the design! Giti is the amazing floral designer  and owner of Botanica Wedding Florals! She is full of so much energy and creativity, truly a trustworthy woman to turn anyone’s wedding day into something FABULOUS!!!

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