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Nags Head Beach: Oasis Retreat


This past October I had the honor of attending the Oasis Retreat at a luxury, beachfront home, in Nags Head, North Carolina. This retreat was hosted by the founder and therapist at The Healing Circle LLC, Kobe Campbell. Kobe is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who specializes in healing from trauma utilizing EMDR. Kobe’s speciality in trauma therapy is driven by her passion to help her clients conquer the darkest areas in their lives because she believes that healing should be a part of every person’s story. Kobe is the one who took a leap of faith in hosting this unique retreat, in her words is a retreat that is “FAR away from daily responsibilities and REALLY close to God’s heart.” The retreat entailed:

– Group Therapy
– Guided Meditations
– Spiritual Disciplines
– Trauma-informed tools to implement at home
– A trauma-informed massage
– Lots of laughs
– Lots of tears
– Lots of healing
– Life-long friendships
and SO much more.

For me personally, I went as soon as I saw her talk about how the retreat was for people who are always taking care of others, needed to get away, and wanted be around likeminded women to rest, grow, and transform together. I somewhat had an idea of things I needed to process personally, that had come up in my life a few months prior, but I was amazed at how much I was able to process and reflect on in that space. There were tears, but many listening ears and much support from the ladies. We all became like sisters in such a short amount of time, it was such a gift!

Seeing how my dear friend, Kobe, is hosting ANOTHER retreat this fall, I wanted to share some images from last year to show a little glimpse into this amazing experience I had last October!!!

When we first arrived to the retreat, we were greeted with so many smiles, hugs, and were escorted to our bedrooms. On our beds was a little box full of sweet goodies for each of us! My bedroom in particular had a beautiful view of the path leading out to the ocean.

These were the amazing, beautiful, and strong women I got to bond so deeply with. Everyone shared so much and truly found a place to be seen and heard.

Being a New England girl, I was just super happy to be able to put my feet into the ocean in October!

These were some of my favorite moments together on the beach.

The retreat was filled with so much joy and laughter…

… but was definitely hard to process some past trauma, as well as find out about my Grandfather’s passing while I was there.

Definitely was happy to have been there and was given some space from the daily life to actually process everything I was going through and REST.

My soul sister, travel buddy, and roommate for the week! Jasmine looked ever so beautiful and I’m obsessed with these pictures of her!!! I believe they truly reflect HER and show a much more WHOLE and healthy person, from who I use to know. Having been through so much, knowing all of the trauma and pain she’s experienced, these pictures make me want to cry! 😭😭😭

Selah. And then… the wave hit her and it is my FAVORITE picture!!!

Of course I had to capture the rest of the ladies too. Each and every single one of them has a special place in my heart!



The QUEEN, Kobe, herself! 🙌🏻✨💕

Seriously, everyone is so gorgeous, inside and out.

I miss these ladies!!!

Some mornings we would head out to watch the sunrise.

Real therapy, genuine community, and being beside the ocean, is the most therapeutic combination in my book. 🌿

Describes our friendship perfectly. Can you guess who is the extrovert and who is the introvert? haha.

Take me back!

The beautiful, Kobe, who would lead us so powerfully through guided meditations every morning, as well as lead so vulnerably during our sessions.

I absolutely loved how our meditations would be held outside, by the ocean.

The beachfront home we stayed in was so comfortable and beautifully decorated. It was THE BEST space.

Kobe in action! Nothing like watching someone walking in their purpose and impacting lives. 💕

Not quite sure what we were doing! haha.

This fabulous woman right, Chimére Allen, here was our personal chef the ENTIRE TIME!!! Every single meal was AMAZING and that was such a gift. Being a mama, I REALLY appreciated the gift of not having to cook, SO MUCH!

We also were gifted with personal massages from an amazing massage therapist, Julie Romero. I was so grateful  that she  was  there.  She  truly  is  so  intentional  in  what  she  does!

The beautiful front of the beach home. Biggest THANK YOU to Kobe Campbell for taking this leap of faith, putting down money, when you didn’t know if anyone would sign up, and trusting God to do His thing! This trip will forever go down as one of my favorites and I look forward to this years so much!!!

Kobe: “If you’re a woman ready to knock down some walls, light up the darkness, and heal from the past so you can run hard and fast toward purpose, OASIS Wellness Retreat is for you. Join the waitlist to be the FIRST to know when registration is open!” 

A big thank you to all of the sponsors that made is possible! Cassian Films for the amazing production and to Jennifer Highsmith Fletcher of BeautyCounter, Oyin Handmadeeveryone products, Reeds JewelersRebecca Trammel of Champions for Compassion, and Nikishiea McKnight of Kaylas Korner.

So if you would be interested in coming to the next Oasis Retreat, be sure so get onto the waiting list for early registration!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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