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Beavertail Lighthouse Engagement: Kate and Fernando


This past Monday was the perfect day for Kate and Fernando’s engagement session at Beavertail Lighthouse, in Jamestown, RI. For early March, the weather was beautiful, but when it started to get chilly, they just kept holding each other even more closely. Kate and Fernando decided to capture their sweet season of engagement before Fernando had to head off to military training later this month. They had the cutest way of interacting with one another, with such a genuine connection and comfortability. There was unending laughs and so many genuine moments through out their session. It is undeniable how right they are for each other!

Kate and Fernando met through a mutual friend at work. Fernando was very interested and was knew that he needed to get her number. By much determination, he was able to get her number from another friend at work and they started talking for a while. Kate really wasn’t try to catch interest due to the fact that he is in the military and she was not a fan of Soldiers lifestyle. Regardless of her hesitation, Fernando was persistent and continued talking to her until he convinced her to actually go on a date with him.

He took her to a Venezuelan restaurant that he had previously been to and thought the food was delicious. As soon as they arrived, Kate was really excited that they had a live band playing Latin music. The date went really well and these two have been dating ever since August of 2016! They have had many special dates along the way. Fernando planned another sweet date for them to go see baby goats at a farmland sanctuary because Kate loves goats.

One of Kate’s favorite dates was doing a formal night on a cruise last summer, where they intentionally chose not to have internet in their package.  That weekend gave them a chance to  disconnect from the real world, get dressed up, and talk about our future without distraction! And one of Fernando’s favorite dates was their first trip together, where they went to NYC. It was Christmas time and he took her to one of his favorite places, Bryant Park. They of course had a magical time there!

This last December, Fernando was ready to pop the question! Fernando and Kate traveled to Oregon for Christmas with Kate’s family. This was the first year they were able to spend it together as a couple since their families live so far apart. Fernando had been in military training in Atlanta, and Kate has been living Boston, so besides Thanksgiving, they had pretty much been apart since the beginning of October. They met up in Oregon and spent the week with Kate’s family on their farm! Let’s just say it is farm from any city life! Kate’s family has an annual gingerbread competition each year – which is a big deal for them!

The judging for the gingerbread competition  happens the day after Christmas! Fernando and Kate built an impressive beach house together and of course, with some help from the judge (aka Kate’s Dad), the winner of the competition was rigged. Upon winning, Kate’s dad requested that the winning team make a speech! Kate went first and her speech was short and simple, while Fernando’s speech, not so much. He ended his speech with getting down on one knee! She of course, said, “YES!” and immediately after, the family poured them champagne! To their sweetest surprise, the two glasses given to them were glasses that were given to Kate’s parents as a wedding present from their wedding 40 years ago!!

Kate did had a sneaking suspicion that the proposal was going to happen over the week of Christmas, but when it didn’t happen on Christmas eve or Christmas she definitely wasn’t expecting anything. Seeing how it was December 26, 2019, she was thrown off! On the other hand, Fernando was a ball of nerves. They both firmly believe that they would have won the competition regardless!

As fun as these two are, they both have are amazing humans who love to care for others and have established careers. Kate in her words is a, “professional nerd,” as a Manager of Science and Technology and Fernando is a Commissioned Officer in the Army. They both admire one another deeply! Kate loves Fernando’s thoughtfulness, adventurousness in all things (food, life, etc.) and his sense of humor,  he can always make her laugh. Fernando loves her eyes and her smile, her kindness, and how she makes him always strive to be a better person, like her. He loves the fact that she loves all the weird and quirky things that he likes and does.

They both have a love for the ocean, travel, doing things outdoors, hiking, trying new restaurants and of course, repeating the really good ones. They love a good binge watch on Netflix while cuddling up on the couch and doing puzzles. They are most excited to start a family and grow old together!

Seeing how it was the beginning of March, not many people were in sight, and it was as if it was just these two!

Ah! They are just too cute!!!

I just love the simplicity and elegance of Kate’s ring!


After we had some fun warming up by the lighthouse, they changed into their second outfit, and we headed down to the cliffs!

I meannnn, just look at them! So stunning!!!

They adventured even further onto the rocks and it was the most romantic sight.

The sunset glow was so gorgeous!

I love some sweet sweet black and whites full of emotion!

They killed their lift!!

I loved catching them smile and laughing together when they thought I wasn’t looking. 🙂

The cutest whenever he would tuck her hair behind her ear.

Of course they had to practice their first dance!

Fernando was a gentlemen always helping her with her shoes or when her dress got caught on the rocks.

Needless to say, we had many laughs and so much fun!

They are just so perfect together!


Nothing like being beside the ocean in the arms of your boo.

The perfect end to their engagement session!!!

Kate and Fernando,

Thank you so, so much for letting me capture this special time in your lives!!! I am extremely honor had so much fun with you two! You both are so great together and I know that there is going to be such an amazing future. I pray all the best with all of the wedding planning and of course, your future marriage!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Maribel Belliard says:

    You guys look amazing together so much love and happiness.
    Always strive to keep that feeling alive remember marriage is to have tolerance.
    We love you and we will always be here when you need us.
    Fernando and Maribel Belliard

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