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Beavertail Lighthouse Engagement: Chelsea and James


Just three weeks after moving to Colorado, Chelsea decided to mountain bike up Vail alone (which probably wasn’t the smartest idea), but she made it to the top! There wasn’t a person in sight since all of the summer activities on the mountain were closed. Out of nowhere a man came towards her, in full mountain biking gear. She expected the worst, but as he (James) started talking to her she noticed his gorgeous blue eyes. James knew she wasn’t from Colorado because of her bike, sneakers, leggings etc. He asked her what she was doing up on the mountain and the she explained what she was trying to do. He knew that she was going to freeze going back down the mountain, so he lent her his hat, gloves and a jacket. She was reluctant to take a strangers clothing, but new she was desperate and was really cold.

James then told her where he worked and to drop them down off to him when she made it down. He gave her his number and she texted him when she got to the bottom of the mountain. They continued to text and communicate a few times after that. One night, Chelsea happened to have a little too many drinks and called him a few times. The next day she was a little embarrassed, but just laughed it off with her girlfriends and didn’t really think about it again, assuming that nothing else more would happen between them. Then 3 weeks later, Chelsea gets a random text form James, explaining how he has been in the desert for 3 weeks without service, and wanted to get together. Chelsea of course, laughed out loud in relief after she realized he NEVER got her drunk calls. She never ended up telling him about that till after they were dating! Haha.

Because Chelsea never actually saw the rest of James’s face, covered in all of that gear, they basically had a blind date. He picked her up at her house for breakfast at the North Side Café, followed by a short hike. This cute first date, turned into a 10 hour adventure after they decided to hike a more difficult trail for 2 hours, help is roommate move into their new condo, and grabbed more food at a bar. One of James’s other friends met them at the bar and they watched The Cubs win the World Series!

After that day, these two grown so close together, both are always up for adventures! They love doing anything active together; biking, running, hiking, snowboarding, surfing and camping. Chelsea is attracted to his passion for life, and his kind and gentle heart. James loves her eyes, feisty personality and enthusiasm for life.

This past December, Chelsea and James were having a family ski day with her sister, her sister’s boyfriend. They were skiing down a run on the front side of Vail Mountain called, Pickeroon, and James suddenly stopped on the side of the run. Chelsea’s sister and her boyfriend were behind them. As soon as James started to side step in his skis’ towards Chelsea, saying her full name, she knew what was happening. Chelsea was in shock and filled with so much joy and happiness! Her sister popped a bottle of champagne right there and they started celebrating!!! They hopped on the next lift up the mountain and little did she know… there was a party of 20 people waiting for her!!! Everyone was gathered on the deck that overlooked The Gore Mountain Range. They all drank champagne and her sister reserved a private party at my favorite Mexican restaurant. The whole day was utter perfection! They felt so much joy and happiness as they were surrounded by love, family and friends.

This fun-loving, adventurous couple cannot wait to be surrounded again by their friends and family for their wedding in June 2021! The Dunes Club, in Narragansett, Rhode Island, will be the perfect fit for them, with its relaxing feel, and being surrounded by the beautiful beaches Chelsea grew up on. It is going to be such an amazing wedding day and I cannot wait to be apart!

Their engagement session at Beavertail State Park last Thursday was a dream and turned out so beautiful!!! Adventuring along the rocks and cliffs fit them so perfectly and I could not be more grateful for the amazing lighting and for them, just being them! 💕✨🌊

The scenery and the light was just so perfect. ✨

So gorgeous.

Ah, I love this!

Absolutely obsessed! 😍

Chelsea, you are so beautiful!

They’re so cute!

James is always leading the way on their adventures.

Love this cove.

Chelsea and James,

Thank you so much for choosing me to document your love! I’m so glad that the reschedule worked out in our favor because this weather was PERFECT!!! You two are so sweet together and I cannot wait for next year. I’m so glad you returned back to CO safely and that you two are back adventuring as normal. So beyond excited for you guys!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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