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Beavertail Park Engagement: Olivia and Matthew


It was such a beautiful day, back at Beavertail Lighthouse, in Jamestown, RI, documenting the love and sweet season of engagement for Olivia and Matt. They met back in High School, where they both happened to be at a friend’s house. Olivia had never met him before that, but instantly had a crush on him. All throughout high school they had talked and would always make plans to hang out, but Matt would chicken out on the dates. They both ended up going away to different colleges, and ironically, they starting out in different majors than what they ended up with. They lasted one semester away at school and transferred back home to study their new majors and this is the time when things started to shift for them. Olivia was actually over the whole idea of them becoming something more at this point, until he texted her one last time. He asked her if she wanted to go to his aunt’s house to meet his family and have dinner. Out of frustration, she almost said no because she didn’t want to play games anymore, but luckily enough, she gave him one last shot and went. They’ve been together ever since February of 2014!

Olivia and Matt are fun-loving, family oriented, and adventurous, but are also both big homebodies. Olivia is a 6th grade teacher and Matt is a systems technician at Mercedes. They like to travel and explore, and have several places on their bucket list. They took a catamaran snorkeling trip in Bermuda together, and also enjoyed seeing the ice castles in NH. Their favorite things to do together are hang out with family, go hiking, deep sea fishing, watch movies, and spend relaxing quality time together. Ironically, their families grew up together since both their parents went to High School together as well. It is so unique and truly special how their families have become extensions of one another. Their families can all just hang out together regularly and it’s really beautiful.

They are both passionate about their families and can’t wait to create their own together. They are so excited to model a strong relationship for their kids. Matthew loves how passionate and serious Olivia is about everything. He admires how she puts everyone else first over herself no matter what. He loves her drive and how she will do anything necessary to accomplish her goals and doesn’t sit around, waiting for things to come to her. Olivia loves the way that Matt makes her laugh, supports her, and lightens things up since she can be more serious. He has this innate way of being able to read her, and can sense what she needs. Individually and together as a couple, they have been through a lot of things, which has taught them so much about one another and they have grown immensely together.

This past December, Matt went out shopping all day (he never shops), and when he still hadn’t come home hours later, Olivia asked him where he was, and he mentioned he was at his parents. She got all excited because she figured he must be getting the ring, since the engagement is something they had been talking about. Olivia got all giddy and couldn’t wait for this moment she had been anxiously waiting for! He came home and left a little box on the counter. She casually strolled by and realized that it was a watch box, with a very expensive brand on it. She was confused and a bit frustrated that he would be spending that much money on something like that when there are other things (like a ring), he could be spending on. So she was a pretty bummed out.

On a Friday night, not too long after that,  she had asked him to confirm if they were going to go out to dinner, but he kept saying that he wasn’t sure, but that they would see when he got home from work. She was nervous when he came home and told her that he hadn’t been at work… he was actually at her dad’s house, asking his permission to marry her! He told her of all of these elaborate plans of how he was going to propose, but after picking up the ring and talking to her parents, he couldn’t wait, and just had to ask her!

Olivia and Matthew are beyond sweet together, sharing the same values and goals, and want the same things out of life. They are so excited for their wedding day this fall and being able to bring everyone together! They are super eager to finally be married and start a family. They look unbelievably sweet together!

So gorgeous!



Olivia, you are STUNNING.

Just dreamy. ✨

Love how the sun hit my lens just right and created a rainbow! 🌈


The cliffs, the ocean, the sunlight, these two, everything was perfect! 💕

So beautiful.

Love them. 🌿

We actually had to hurry to take their photos up on the big cliff, so that this proposal could take place!

Then we headed down the road, to a nearby beach to end the session. The sun was setting, giving us that beautiful, golden light! ✨


So sweet.


Olivia,  you  are  gorgeous!

Lifeguard was off duty, so we had to!

Oliva and Matt,

Thank you for such a fun Saturday evening last week!!! I had such a blast and can’t believe how amazing they turned out, especially when the proposal made us move quickly on the rock, YOU KILLED IT!!! You two are beyond sweet together and I cannot wait to meet your families this fall. Whatever has to happen, I know that the day will be beyond beautiful. So excited for what is in store for you two!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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