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Ryan’s Park Engagement: Lauren and Joe


It was the perfect summer evening for capturing Joe and Lauren’s love at Ryan’s Park Sunday evening. They met on another while attending Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. Lauren had always found him very attractive and certainly wouldn’t have mind if he asked her on a date. When they first met it was earlier on in their college years, so Joe wasn’t quite ready to be in a committed relationship. But because they mutual friends, they would see each other out at parties and such throughout the years. It was Senior year at the time and they went out to a bar with some friends. They ended up talking a lot that night and after that, they’ve been together ever since!

There was something about the time (in the early stages of dating) that Lauren asked Joe if he wanted anything from a coffee shop. He told her, “yes,” and then was adamant about giving her money for it when she brought things back for him. She obviously insisted that he not give her anything since she asked him what he wanted, but he made sure to give her the money for it. Lauren wasn’t having that so she snuck back in his pocket without him knowing. He realized what she did later on when he found the money and that definitely was a moment that stood out to him.

It was on November 29, 2019 that their lives together became even more official. They were at Lauren’s family home in CT for Thanksgiving. Joe and her dad told everyone that they were going shooting Friday morning. Little did she know that they were headed into NYC to get her ring made that day! Because Lauren’s family goes away for Christmas, they open presents up early. So when Joe and her dad came back, it was time for everyone to open up their Christmas gifts! When all the presents were open Joe mentioned that they forgot a present. Lauren was pretty adamant to Joe that there were no more presents left. He then of course proved her wrong and he proposed! She was very surprised to say the least, especially since everyone was all cozied up and in pajamas for Christmas. Joe originally planned to have do something more glamorous, but was way too excited when he actually had the ring with him. The best part about it all is that she said, “yes!”

Their favorite things to do together are go to the beach, eat yummy food, and go to wineries. Their first date was to dinner at Brick Alley Pub in Newport and their absolute favorite date together was in Punta Cana. They had an incredible night there with a private sunset dinner on the beach.  The dinner even included a mariachi band! They definitely love to be low-key and just hang out together in their new home with their pup, Gia. She is their puppy child right now, but they definitely look forward to starting a family together one day! These two definitely balance one another out. Joe always knows how to calm Lauren down if she is anxious or stressed. Their temperaments and personalities go so well together. The way they interact and have fun with one another is so cute. They definitely are beyond close with one another and are beyond excited for their big wedding day!

Their wedding celebration next summer at Belle Mer in Newport is going to be full of so much love, family, and great friendships! This will be a wedding no one will ever forget! They are super excited to see all of the beautiful details for their special day to come together. And I think everyone will be eagerly anticipating that moment when Joe gets to see Lauren for the first time as she walks down the aisle. There will be so much laughter, dancing, and excitement! It will be such a memorable and picturesque evening, as we’ll be surrounded by the beautiful oceanside in the city where their love began.

So beautiful!

I mean, COME ON! So cute.

Love the way he looks at her.

Just stunning.

Joe and Lauren’s dad did such a good job making the perfect ring!✨

Just gorgeous.

Love the emotion black and whites bring!

So sweet!

Yes! Give me all the yellow grass and beautiful sunlight. ✨

Lauren, you are STUNNING!

Joe looking sharp himself!

Love. 💕

Isn’t she lovely?! 😭💕

The breeze started to come at the perfect time, along with the sunset.

Love them and that sunset glow! ✨

So sweet together.


They ended the evening with big smiles on their faces!

Reminds me of a something from, “The Notebook.” 🌿

Lauren and Joe,

Thank you so much for trusting me to document your beautiful love. I had so much fun spending the evening with y’all and getting to know you both more. You two are beyond cute together and absolutely killed your engagement session! I know your wedding day will be simply amazing and true reflection of the both of you! Thank you for being so wonderful. I cannot wait to witness your union. I’m so excited!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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