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Olio Wedding: Lauren and Howard


It turned out to be such an amazing day celebrating the love of Lauren and Howard this past Saturday in Massachusetts. Their whole wedding day was filled with so much genuine love, tears, and laughter. Lauren and Howard were adamant about keeping their wedding date and not postponing their marriage, despite the current pandemic. Their immediate close friends and family traveled from near and far to make sure they were there to witness their beautiful union.

Their day started at a nearby hotel, where Lauren was surrounded by her close girlfriends and mothers. Howard was in a nearby room with his close friends, brother, and father in law. There was such peace and joy that filled their hotel rooms. Everyone was so helpful and was making sure these two looked their best! Each of them were prayed over before they headed out to Wylie Inn and Conference Center at Endicott College where they decided to do their First Look.

Howard anxiously waited, with his eyes closed, for his Bride to greet him on the green. She got into position, tapped his shoulder, he turned around, and his face lit up with the biggest smile! They continued to compliment one another, hyping each other up, as they discussed every detail about their attire. It was the sweetest thing to listen to! They looked absolutely amazing together and their portraits were breathtaking. They exchanged some sweet moments alone together before we headed to their wedding ceremony at the Olio Peabody Event Venue.

The Olio’s industrial-chic look, paired with beautiful florals, and the tall windows, bringing in great natural light, created a picturesque ceremony sight. Before Lauren was headed down the aisle, she did a quick first look with her dad since he hadn’t seen her yet. His reaction and just their relationship is so precious. Their wedding ceremony was filled with heartfelt words and inspiring scripture. Tears were in everyone’s eyes when they read letters to their parents, expressing honor and appreciation for what they have taught them. They made sure to articulate and share all of the attributes they have received from their parents. It was the sweetest part of a wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed.

In honor of their strong faith in Christ, believing that marriage is about sacrificial love and service to one another, they did a foot-washing at the ceremony. The Foot Washing ceremony is representative of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples in John 13:1-17, as a symbol of love and humility. After their foot-washing, they read one another’s vows they wrote to each other. Their vows were so thorough, thoughtful, heartfelt, and real. Everything about the ceremony truly depicted who they each were as people, amazing people. They are people who are so dedicated to loving one another and others so well. Everyone lifting their hands as the minister prayed a prayer of blessing over their marriage. They joyfully danced away from the aisle with the biggest smile on their faces!

They hugged their loved ones, took portraits, and we were eager to eat some yummy food! They went right into their first dance as husband and wife, followed by the father-daughter, and mother-son dance. Lauren’s two bridesmaids and two of Howard’s groomsmen shared their speeches. There were so many tears and of course laughter when they shared their special memories. Everyone genuinely expressed their love and approval of their union. As the night was coming to an end, they shared such kind words and appreciation to everyone. Their wedding day, especially for Lauren, was a celebration of life and a new chapter of joy, after 2019 was such a hard year, full of grief, after losing her brother. Now their two families have become one and she has officially gained some more siblings! Lastly, everyone gathered around them as they tenderly cut the cake.

The joy that flooded the room with them was priceless! Despite the last-minute change of wedding plans, the intimacy and raw emotion their day brought was better than they could have imagined. It turned out so perfectly and it turned out to be what they truly desired. They still are looking forward to their big wedding celebration next year in MD with more of their friends and family. Gratefully their loved ones who could not be present had Zoom to watch it LIVE and of course, these wedding photos help their wedding day live on!


Stunning details! ✨

This invitation suite, created by FXA Calligraphy was amazing!

So much joy!

The butterfly bracelet was in honor of her brother. 💕

Simply breathtaking.

The prayers over them were so beautiful.

So much love and prayers prayed over them.

Stunning florals by Fleur and Stitch.

Howard looking fresh, waiting for his bride to arrive.

The Wylie Inn and Conference Center at Endicott College was the most picturesque place to take their portraits.

His reaction, priceless.

They were beyond excited to see how amazing one another looked! It was the sweetest.

Just, wow.

Oh, how I love these two!

Power Couple.

Just gorgeous!!!

They are so beyond sweet together!!!

Lauren, you are STUNNING!

Their attire is unbelievable.

So sweet together.

And then they went off to officially tie the knot at the Olio Venue. Lauren got her last minute touches, before her dad saw her for the first time.

So sweet!!!

Then it was time for her to head down the aisle.

Such a special moment.

Such beautiful words about the couple shared by their minister.

Then Lauren shared her letter of appreciation to her parents, followed by Howard to his mother.

So many tears shed.

Time for the foot-washing.

Washing your spouse’s feet:

  • Says I love you.
  • Shows that you honor and respect your spouse.
  • Demonstrates a humility of heart and character, kneeling before your spouse.
  • Communicates “I will be here for you through the muck and mud of life”.
  • Places you in a position of prayer (on your knees) a great place to be in marriage.

Having your feet washed:

  • Says you are loved
  • Shows you can receive your spouse’s support, and won’t “go it alone”
  • Communicates, “I will let you help me”
  • Places you in a position of power, which we need to remember we hold, so we don’t abuse it!

It is such an amazing symbol of sacrificial love.

They then shared their beautiful, personal vows to one another.

Just so sweet.

They then exchanged rings, with traditional vows.

A special prayer over them.

And it was time for what we all wait for!

Mr. and Mrs.!

Of course they had to dance in celebration!!!

YES!!! They did it!

Their amazing parents.

The sweetest bond.

Howard and his siblings, with their new sister!

They both had the best bridesmaids and groomsmen!

Some just married moments before the reception began!

The perfect little set up for their intimate dinner with their loved ones.

Their first dance as husband and wife!

Then their special dances; father-daughter and mother-son.

Then the sweet speeches by their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

So many sweet moments and tears shed.

And of course, the cake!


Lauren and Howard,

Thank you so much for having me be apart of your beautiful wedding day! It was the best way I could have spent my 30th and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in still thinking of me on your wedding day with the yummy cheesecake. And of course a big thank you to the groomsmen for singing to me as well! You two are literally some of my favorite people and I am so excited for all the God has in store for your lives now, together. I cannot wait for your big celebration,  but I am still in awe of how beautiful everything came together. I cannot wait for more memories to be made and documented with you two! I love y’all dearly and am so excited for you!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE



Dress: @kleinfeldbridal
Florals: @fleurandstitch
Hair: @woozieshaircompany
Makeup: @bostonbeautybar
Tux: @menswearhouse
Venue: @oliopeabody
Calligraphy: @fxa_calligraphy

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  1. Brenis Ansong says:

    Stunning! Incredible! Breathtaking! The pictures interwoven with the storyline are priceless. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to you, Charity. Simply, thank you.

  2. Damion Maxwell says:

    OMG!!!!! Absolutely beautiful! I just relived the entire occasion! Soooo amazing! Cheers to you King(Howard) and your beautiful Queen(Lauren)! Love you both… Forever!

  3. Emmanuel Addo says:

    Stunning, beautiful and priceless!
    Congratulations to Lauren and Howard
    Ed and Brenis, I share in your pride.

  4. Millicent Depass says:

    Just want to thank you for another amaizing job in taking such beautiful pictures and capturing every moment. You are great! Congrats to Mr & Mrs de-Pass! may you continue be a shining star in the world. A day to remember always. 8/ 15/ 2020. Congratulations.

  5. Jojo Johnson says:

    Just awesome. Congratulations to the couple. May the good lord bless them, may he raise his countenance upon them and give them peace.

  6. Carol says:

    Every photo took my breath away. I felt like I was there. Every photo spoke love, joy, and happiness. The photo when Howard turned and saw Lauren, I screamed. His reaction to seeing his bride was breathtaking.
    Howard socks were too cute.
    Four things; Put God first, Always depart with a kiss, never go to bed angry and always keep the lines of communication

  7. Angelette says:

    I was unable to attend, but these pictures captured the day in such a beautiful way that made me I feel like I was there. Breathtaking, beautiful! I am so happy for you both. May God bless this union. Congratulations Howard and Lauren!

  8. Dehabey Channer says:

    Nothing less than beautiful..2 Awsime people. Congratulations Howard and your lively wife. God bless you both …from uncle Dehaney and Quinie. Channer
    In Canada.

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