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Roger Williams Park Engagement: Amanda and Sean


Sunday evening was the perfect autumn day to capture Amanda and Sean’s love and sweet season of engagement at Roger Williams Park. They love the foliage this time of year and definitely wanted to make sure that the fall was the season we captured their engagement session! Our time was extra special together because their first born son was able to attend a little bit of it. He is the cutest and they just are the sweetest little family together!

Amanda and Sean met while working at the same job together, back in 2015. Amanda just so happened to be the boss’s daughter too. They eventually got to know one another outside of work and took a long drive through different towns together. They just grew into loving spending time together amongst the mundane things in life. They truly love spending time together relaxing, whether it’s at home, enjoying takeout or cooking something simple together. They love to go to Chili’s and play Life on the Kiosk. They officially started dating in July of 2015. And this past spring, is where everything really changed for them! Amanda and Sean were expecting their first child! They had plans for a sweet baby shower in March, but due to Covid-19 it was canceled. They were super bummed and were really looking forward to the shower. So on March 22nd, as they finished eating and were getting ready to go to bed, Sean sat up in bed and started talking about them and asked her to marry him. They both got super emotional and were laughing about how they were crying together and of course she said, “yes!” Sean originally had plans to propose at the baby shower, so this plan B couldn’t have been more perfect for them and just who they are as a couple.

They are homebodies who enjoy staying in and relaxing together, engaging in conversations about nothing and everything. They enjoy going outside, sitting on hammock, and taking their dog for walks. They are looking forward to growing old together; growing up and experiencing everything we are as individuals as well as growing as a couple too. They are genuinely best friends, who fight, encourage one another, challenge one another and grow together. They could fight about unnecessary or petty things, but as soon as someone smiles, that contagious smile brings them back to being rational and solving the issues. Sean loves that Amanda is caring, has a great sense of humor, and he enjoys her sarcasm. He admires her sassy, independent, and strong determination to accomplish things she sets her mind to. Amanda loves Sean’s sense of humor and big heart, and loves the way he expresses himself and his feelings authentically. She really admires how Sean is the kind of guy that would do everything and anything for you if you are important to him. She just adores him for it all, especially the hard work he puts in to provide a better life for himself and his family.

Amanda and Sean are so looking forward to spending a special, intimate, and quiet time with those closest to them on their wedding day. Family is so big for them and they truly cherish everyone in their lives. Being home is a big part of their life, so they are looking forward to building something new and extra special when they will have everyone closest to them come celebrate this next chapter in their lives for their backyard intimate wedding!

Love them!

Obsessed with these fall colors!

So sweet.

Just gorgeous!

That sun flare was just beautiful!

They’re so cute!!!

Amanda, you are so beautiful!


So sweet.

There’s their little man!!!

So precious! He was so happy to have his mama back by the end of the session.

Amand and Sean,

Thank you so much for letting me document your sweet love story! I’m so grateful to be able to now tell your story after already being able to tell parts of your other family’s love stories. This time is so special and I’m just so grateful to be with you and the rest of the fam to help document all of these special moments!!! I can’t wait to see your new home and celebrate with you all next year! Praying so many blessings over y’all and hope you enjoy your first holiday season as a family!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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