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New Year Reflection Questions

Lifestyle Tips

Before you know where you want to go, I believe you have to take a good look back and reflect on where you have been. Reflect on the previous year to really appreciate everything it taught you; the good and the bad. Especially in our fast-paced culture, I think we can remember a lot of bad things (especially in 2020), and then forget the good things too! We also can just keep moving onto the next thing and the next thing and never really celebrate how far we have come and/or keep making the same mistakes.

So here are the many reflective questions (take breaks if you need to), I personally ask myself and work through to help prepare me to write meaningful and realistic goals for the New Year. I hope it is helpful and that you are up for the challenge! When you truly realize what you want and where you want to go, it is a lot harder to get sucked into the comparison trap. So let’s reflect, dream, and take action steps to create the life we envision!


What worked in the last year? What did you accomplish? Look back and list all of the good things that happened.

What didn’t work in the last year? Look back and write down things, habits, relationships, etc. that didn’t help you live on purpose.

What did the good things and the challenges from last year teach you?

How do you define your life now?

What remains confusing, unanswered, or unresolved in your life?

Despite this, what are you choosing to believe?

Then list all of the people and things you are grateful for this past year:


What matters to you?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to live by?

How do you define an amazing, abundant, and flourishing life?

If you could envision your most purposeful year yet, what would it look like?

What role do you want work and career to play in your life?

What role do you want money to play in your life?

How do you want to manage your mind and feelings?

How do you want to feel in and about your body?


If anything were possible: What would you do? Who would you be? What legacy would you leave?

What do you want to be known for? and/or what do you want people to say at your funeral?

Finish the sentence, “I know I’m living my dream life when…”

Where do I want my life to be in the next 5 years? How do I want to feel?

Big picture vision and goal ideas for the new year in each of these 8 life categories.

In each category, write down what result you want in your life for this year (2021).

1. Health:

2. Relationships (Friends, Family, Spouse):

3. Career, business:

4. Organization, home:

5. Finances:

6. Personal and spiritual growth, religious development:

7. Contribution, service:

8. Fun, entertainment:


What are you going to start saying “No” to this year? You need to say “no” in order to create space for the things you really want, so make a list.


What are you going to start saying “yes” to this year to help you make decisions that help you use your time purposefully?


Well, friends, I hope all of those questions really helped you to see what you really want, where you need to grow and expand, as well as what things need to change. Taking an honest and holistic look at where you are at in all aspects of your life is truly key to seeing what habits are here to stay and which ones need to go.

These questions are to help you reflect and have a vision for your future. If you’d like me to create another blog post about how to write realistic goals and create an action plan so that you actually implement what you want in all of your categories, let me know in a comment below!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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