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Brigantine Beach New Jersey Engagement | Ashley & Jason


It was the most beautiful evening spent at Ashley and Jason’s new home in New Jersey by Brigantine Beach. They wanted to capture themselves in their element, by the ocean and on the dock, where they spent their downtime together with their dog Jezzy. They met while working together at a local hospital in Vail, CO. One day, after receiving a box of wine in the mail at work, Ashley asked Jason if he would join her in trying some! He gladly accepted the offer and then offered to drive her home later that day. She ended up making a charcuterie board for them and they sat by the river listening to the water together! Their favorite date night together was at their favorite seafood restaurant in Vail.  After work one night, they got all dressed up and had a quiet dinner in the restaurant. Ashley admires Jason’s passion for making their lives fulfilled with authentic experiences, and how he is able to be adventurous and chill at the same time. He will always be her best friend. He admires Ashley’s passion for adventure, her infinite kindness, and for always making Jason’s life better. 

Their second favorite date was a night when Jason made sure Ashley got home before sunset. He packed snacks and Coors Light in a cooler, then they drove their snowmobile out along a deserted railroad to “Ashley’s Place” which he had named after her since it is one of his most special and secluded places in the mountains along the river. They watched the sunset and cheered for the Rockies! They’ve been together over the past 3 years and enjoy nothing more than having drinks together in front of a pretty view.

Jason works as an Epidemiologist, trauma/critical and emergency medicine doctor, and boat captain. While Ashley is a Healthcare Project Manager and Physical Therapist. They are an outdoorsy and adventurous couple, world travelers, intellectual, creative, casual but refined, social, and fun-loving! They both have such a passion for adventure. Some of their favorite adventures include surfing in Nicaragua, backcountry skiing in British Columbia, Canada, and fly fishing in Alaska!

They love to be outside, exploring, and finding new adventures with their pup Jezzy! When living in Colorado they would hike, trail run, fly fish, snowmobile to skin up to the tops of peaks and ski/snowboard down, or mountain bike. Their favorite beach activities include running or fat tire biking, surfcasting in the ocean, fly fishing in the backcountry water near our house, or surfing. They also just enjoy cooking together, housework and DIY projects, gardening, spending time with family, watching football or a movie, or enjoying sunset cocktails on their front porch!

While on a hike in May, the three of them (Jezzy the dog) reached a rocky overlook looking down on their small mountain town called Red Cliff. Ashley was enjoying the view and when she turned around after putting her jacket on, Jason was down on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring in his hand! “Would you like to spend the rest of your life with “us”? He asked her and she immediately started crying and said “YES!” They cried, laughed, hugged, and cheered with a Coors light in hand, taking in a moment to enjoy the view of their special town. May 17, 2020, will forever be a day they’ll never forget!

Ashley was completely surprised, and even during the hike on the way up she even mentioned, “if you had a ring in your pocket right now, and it was just you and me and Jezzy, it would be the most perfect moment I could ever ask for!” Lo and behold, he really did have the ring in his pocket the whole time, which he had for a little while, yet was waiting for the perfect moment for them to share together. Needless to say, she was completely surprised!

Jason and Ashley had looked and talked about rings quite a while before he finally asked. He knew there was some nervous excitement around the topic of asking the question, so he stopped talking about it to allow a natural and organic experience to ease the anticipation. They cannot wait to celebrate and have a relaxing, beautiful wedding day, surrounded by close friends and family. They’re so excited to start their next chapter of living a fulfilled life of adventure together as husband and wife in their newly renovated home they made together, by the ocean! 



Between their smiles and this beach, just breathtaking!

Just so sweet!

In love with her ring!

I love how we were able to capture them here before the tide came in. So beautiful!

There is a Saphire diamond seen on the inside of her ring too!


We left the beach, then headed to the dock where they enjoy sitting, drinking their morning coffee together.


Jezzy is the cutest.

The view here is gorgeous.

In love with these wine glasses, representative of their love for sea fishing!

Jezzy is not short of love, whatsoever.

Love these two.

Ashley and Jason,

Thank you so much for our time together in NJ! I appreciate you letting me see where you two live and the home y’all have created together. It is so beautiful and a really gorgeous place. Your home is so stunning as well! I appreciate our time together and getting to know you two more so much. I cannot wait to see you again soon for your sister’s wedding (Ashley), and then for your wedding this fall!

Much joy,

Charity Hope


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