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Blithewold Mansion Engagement | Mirelis and Mirani


It was a beautiful spring day to capture the love between Mirelis and Mirani at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI. They met in summer school back in 2010, where Mirelis would sit in front of Mirani and would look back at her and smile. Too shy about her accent to reply, Mirelis instead found her on Facebook. But It wasn’t until a few years later till Mirani struck up the courage to send her a message. They officially started dating in October 2019. Their first date occurred during summer while Mirani was visiting Rhode Island. They went out to dinner at Jacky’s Galaxy for sushi and Mirani could tell how nervous Mirelis was. Naturally, she tried her best to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.  Just before they left the restaurant Mirelis snuck off to the bathroom to give herself a pep talk and gain the confidence to hold Mirani’s hand on their way out of the restaurant. She then opened every single door for her, a gesture she still does today. By the end of the date, the two shared their first kiss.

Mirelis is currently serving the Army National Guard assisting the state with COVID-19 vaccinations, while Mirani worked as a makeup artist for Lancome prior to the height of the pandemic. They completely balance one another, where one lacks the other carries and it is a true blessing to witness.  Mirelis admires how anyone can confide in Mirani, due to her calm and caring personality that helps others easily let their guard down. Mirelis loves her easy-going, down-to-earth personality that is also up to trying new things. Mirani loves how funny, goofy, and caring Mirelis is. She is not cares for Mirani and their pup, Peluche, but she also cares so well for her friends, family, and even strangers. She can always make Mirani laugh and cheer her up.S he also admires how Mirelis is always helping someone in some way and that she has a glow to her that she is just attracted to.

It was on a chilly, winter day, tucked inside on November 16, 2019, where the two of them were sitting down in Mirani’s favorite spot in her room. When she stood up to go to the bathroom Mirelis got on one knee and waited for her to come back out.  As Mirani walked towards her she smiled, took her hand, then asked her “Will you marry me?” Mirani laughed and said “Duh,” but Mirelis thought she might be joking about it so she asked her again, and then the rest was history. 

Mirelis and Mirani are beyond excited about sharing their big day in a room filled with their close friends and families. Having everyone together, at one time, is super special for them and their loved ones. They both look forward to spending the rest of their lives together and starting their own family. Their pup, Peluche, is currently their world, so he definitely had to be a part of their engagement session!

Absolutely stunning Mirani!

Peluche is the absolute sweetest! I understand why they adore him so much.

The Blithewold Mansion was the perfect setting.


Just look at his sweet face, oh my goodness.

Absolutely stunning!

The emotion captured in black and whites is just so beautiful!

The fog rolled in, but it turned out to be the most serene look.

So beautiful.

I admire their genuine love, friendship, and natural connection with one another.


And of course, Peluche needed an outfit change too!

Mirelis and Mirani,

Thank you so much for spending the evening with me at Blithewold. I had so much fun with you two and appreciate how relaxing it was! I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day and I know everything will turn out beautifully. I’m so excited to meet your close loved ones too and pray your special day is everything you ever wanted, and more!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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  1. Nichelle Campbell says:

    I am just so inlove with all the vibes in these photos! I would love to take some of me and my husband! We NEVER got the chance to have a formal wedding let alone pictures! He was going overseas Navy duty calls and was veryyy adamant about making me wife, so here we are 21 years later,and all I have is one photo infront of the justice of the peace! Beautiful classic beauty these pictures the site all of it! Well done!

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