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Blackstone River Parkway Engagement: Kylee & Michael


It was a beautiful Wednesday evening to spend strolling around the Blackstone River Parkway, capturing Kylee and Michael’s love. They first met during a basketball game at Mike’s high school. Kylee noticed Mike and asked a mutual friend to introduce them, then Mike was given Kylee’s phone number and he reached out to her. They both had a lot in common and hit it off right away. Shortly after that, they began to date and these High School sweethearts have been together ever since. Their first date actually took place at Dairy Queen but was eventually crashed by friends who ended up joining them. Despite the awkwardness when their friends showed up, they still had a good time together and love the fun memory to look back on. Kyles and Michael’s most memorable date occurred early on in their relationship when they went out bowling together, then ended the night at a pizza restaurant. It seemed so simple but they both agreed it was the first time they felt very comfortable with one another and felt like an official couple!

Their perfect date night includes their favorite hibachi restaurant followed by going to the movies since that’s their favorite thing to do together. Kylee is a registered nurse and Mike an engineer. Mike loves the fact that Kylee is always there to comfort him when he needs it, providing unconditional support, and her selflessness. She is always putting other people’s needs before her own. Kylee admires Mike’s kind heart, gentle nature, sense of humor, and just how responsible and mature he is. They are such a fun-loving couple who love to entertain too. They really enjoy traveling, especially to their favorite amusement park at Universal Studios, Orlando, Fl, and like true New Englanders, they love their Boston sports teams.

On December 6th, 2020, they made a plan to head out to a tree farm to cut down their Christmas tree. Kylee’s sister tagged along with them, per Mike’s request, so that she could place a special bag on a tree for him. Eventually, Mike and Kylee’s sister led Kylee to find the hidden bag where inside was a face mask that read “She Said Yes.” When Kylee turned around, Mike was on one knee wearing a face mask that read “Will You Marry Me?” Kylee was definitely surprised! She knew the proposal was coming soon, but Mike did such a great job of keeping the proposal a big secret! He was relieved when it was all over, but of course, she said, “Yes!”  They both were overwhelmed with so much joy and excitement! Because they started dating so young, this sweet couple has made it through so many processes of growth that could have easily split many couples apart. Kylee says “The fact that we made it through everything makes us confident that we are soulmates and meant to be together.”

They are beyond excited for their wedding next year in Newport, RI. Kylee is most excited about exchanging vows, and then getting to celebrate with everyone while dancing and drinking. Mike is truly excited to marry his best friend and the love of his life in the presence of my family and closest friends. They are both looking forward to solidifying their relationship and taking the next step in their journey together. Eventually down the road, they intend to grow a family of their own! 

You two are so cute!

Absolutely stunning!

Something about the emotions captured in black and whites.

Their rescue pup, Boomer, is the absolute cutest!!

So gorgeous!

Love these…

And for their shared love of Harry Potter, they decided to end their session with their favorite books.

Kylee, you are so stunning!

The cutest.

Kylee and Mike,

I had so much fun documenting your love with Boomer! I enjoyed getting to know you two more and I’m so excited for your special day. Y’all are amazing and I have no doubt that your wedding day will be everything you ever wanted and more! 2022 can’t come soon enough!!!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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