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Sand Dunes Engagement: Taylor and Brett


Last Friday evening, Taylor and Brett captured their love at the Sand Dunes in West Greenwich, RI. How they met was like the plot of a romance film. It was a late night in the ER where Taylor was working her shift as a nurse, when a police officer, Brett, brought in a suspect who needed medical treatment. While he was waiting for the patient to be treated, he asked the secretary at the front desk about Taylor. He was blown away by her beauty and just had to see her again. After asking another nurse on duty, he was able to get Taylor’s contact information. Officer Brett eventually made the first move and asked Taylor out on the first date!

Taylor and Brett have had the opportunity of making new memories together. From their first blind date at Providence Coal Fire Pizza to traveling to the Cape, they have enjoyed many adventures. They have spent time traveling and enjoying quality time outdoors. They love driving Brett’s truck and having date nights camping out at the beach and grilling food by the fire. These two lovebirds also enjoy time with their three dogs, who share all the love with them. Lately, they have really enjoyed the process of building their home together and picking things out for it.

Because both Taylor and Brett work long, and sometimes stressful shifts, they have learned to appreciate what the other person does, and have understood how valuable time is when they are together.  Brett admires Taylor’s compassionate heart, one that always makes sure to put others before herself. He admires how driven she is in her career, and how strong she was in her role during a tough year for everyone, especially at the height of a worldwide pandemic. Taylor loves how thoughtful Brett is with not just her, but with everyone around him. She admires how good of a friend he is to others. She also enjoys his sense of humor that always puts a smile on her face.

Last November they were on their way to visit the land they had purchased, to see the progress of the house they are building together. It was a rainy day outside, so Brett stayed behind getting his rain jacket, as Taylor went ahead to look at the land. As she was walking under her umbrella, she heard a voice, aside from the murmuring of the rain. She heard Brett’s voice calling behind her, as he stood on one knee. Taylor stared at him in complete shock, she had no idea of his intentions for that evening. And in that moment, all that had seemed so ordinary had suddenly become so extraordinary.

These lovers cannot wait to spend a lifetime together and continue to fall in love even more as they begin a new chapter in their lives. They are counting down the days to celebrate their love with their friends and family together in one room. Their dream is to start a family and spend time in their new home.  A day in the life of Thomas’s will consists of Brett cooking in the kitchen as Taylor watches him while drinking a glass of wine. They cannot wait to grow old together and continue to make each other laugh even more as the years go by. And as a witness at their engagement session, the whole session was just that, pure laughter. 

Such a sweet couple!

So gorgeous.

Nothing like some classic black and whites. How sweet are they?!

And right as they were going to change into their second outfit, the rain started to pour down for a few minutes.

Taylor, you are stunning!!!

They definitely nailed the lift!

So sweet.

Taylor and Brett,

Thank you so much for such a fun and relaxing time together! Your love for one another is so evident and it is the absolute sweetest. I’m so beyond excited to continue working together and being there on your special day next year, it is going to be amazing!!! I have no doubt how much magic we will create on your special day. Thank you both for being so wonderful, I feel so blessed and honored to be able to be a part of telling your sweet love story!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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