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Beavertail State Park Engagement: Kristie & Brian


Last Tuesday, Brian and Kristie decided to capture their love before their official, big wedding in just a couple of weeks. Despite the pandemic, they decided to tie the knot last year with an intimate ceremony in hopes to still have their dream wedding this year in one of their favorite places to visit, Newport, RI!

Kristie and Brian use to work at the same company for a couple of years and had heard of one another but never actually met. Then one day, back in 2015, they finally ran into each other at the office. The first time they met, laid eyes on each other and had their first conversation, it was immediate love at first sight. Both of them felt a sense of “home,” describing the moment as “ah, there you are.” Their first date was at a fancy steak dinner at Papa’s Brothers in Houston, Texas. Afterward, they walked to a bar and discovered each others’ competitive sides by playing many rounds of pool. After that, the rest was history. They ended up dating long distance for the first 6 months of their relationship since Kristie was locked into a work contract right after she met Brian. Kristie is currently an environmental, health, and safety manager at a biotech company. Brian is a business development manager at a waste services environmental company. Both of them do their part of sharing the load at their home together.

Their favorite of many dates together was on Valentine’s Day in 2019 where Brian had an unforgettable night planned! He set up a scavenger hunt date that started at home and then it brought Kristie to multiple destinations, which included a make-up session, an outfit for the night, and then the Louboutin store where Kristie got her first pair! Then they went out to dinner for Tapas on Newbury Street and walked the streets of Boston afterward. Their perfect date includes eating dinner outdoors during the summertime, followed by some coffee while playing backgammon, and then nighttime fishing. Their favorite place they traveled together was on their honeymoon in Moorea which is part of the Tahitian islands. Throughout all of their world travels, that place was by far their favorite, seeing how they stayed in an over-the-water bungalow!

Even though they are 13 years apart in age, their souls have a strong and unique connection. Kristie is an old soul and Brian is forever young at heart and they have never felt the age gap since they feel they are at the same place in life mentally and always have been! They kind of just “get” each other. They have been through quite a bit together, navigating parenthood and co-parenting right from the start of their relationship. So despite weathering many storms together, they always remain a united front.

Kristie loves watching Brian be a dad and can’t wait to have kids with him herself! She admires how he was truly born to be a parent and loves watching that side of him. He has the biggest heart and she appreciates how he takes care of everyone else before himself and treats her like a queen. Not a day goes by that she has had to question how he feels about her. She loves how smart he is and how he will never admit it because he’s so modest, but he truly is one of the smartest people she’s ever met. His pursuit of knowledge is inspiring and loves that about him! Kristie also loves how Brian is a jack of all trades and can fix anything. He enjoys restoring old cars and can learn anything. Brian was also in the Air Force, as an electrician’s apprentice, and has worked to fix cars.

Brian on the other hand absolutely loves Kristie’s smile and how when she does, it seems to take everything angry or sad completely away from him. Kristie has such a calming presence that inspires people to do more. And he just loves how Kristie is always ready to be excited about something.  Even on her worst days, she hopes for something to get excited about and can always turn things around for herself and those around her. Kristie just so happened to be a contestant in the Miss Rhode Island pageant in 2013 and won the award for the best interview! These two are both very passionate about gaining life experience and perspectives that differ from their own via travel, learning, reading, and listening to podcasts together. They both love personal growth and love a stimulating conversation, so much so, that they can get caught up talking for hours!

One night, their mutual friend from college was celebrating his birthday and they all went out in Providence to celebrate. The next day was a birthday brunch after a night out of partying (which was what a normal weekend looked like for them when the kids were at their moms). So that next morning, Kristie was getting ready for brunch with her really close friend, and noticed she was getting very dressed up so she dressed up a bit extra as well. Little did she know this was part of her friend’s plan to get her to dress up a bit for some special pictures. They all drove to brunch and Brian started complaining that his stomach hurt and needed to get dropped off at the restaurant before they found parking. They dropped him off at the door, parked the car, and when she walked in, Kristie immediately saw her dad. She was so confused since her dad lives about an hour away from Providence. She then turned around and saw Brian standing there with all of their friends and family sitting behind him smiling. She immediately burst into happy tears and Brian said a beautiful speech then got down on one knee. It was truly the best moment of her life! He even hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and the rest of the day was filled with so many smiles and joy-filled tears.

When it comes to thinking about their upcoming wedding, they’re most excited about dancing! Their first dance as a couple and father/daughter dance, and sharing their love for each other with their guests. They love to throw a party so this will be their biggest yet! They have been planning and envisioning this day since the beginning of 2019.  And since they decided to get married still last year, in the midst of the pandemic, they’ll just about be hitting their one-year anniversary. Their favorite thing about being a married couple is solidifying their commitment to each other. They have been together for 5 years before they got married and have always felt extremely committed, but the rings/certificate/and getting to say husband/wife just make it so much sweeter. Now they are beyond excited for all of their close loved ones to be apart and party the night away!



So beautiful, I can’t take it!!!



So beautiful.

Just effortless.

They’re so sweet together. Kristie, you are stunning!

Simply gorgeous.


Such a beautiful person inside and out!

Just breath-taking!

Nothing sweeter than forehead kisses.

And the seagull wanted in on some action too! haha.


Then they changed into their second outfit, to capture some more portraits by the lighthouse.

So much thought and intention were put into her ring. It’s so sweet how Brian went above and beyond to customize it for her.

So timeless.

Love them!

Kristie and Brian,

Thank you so much for having me document your love and your soon wedding celebration! I cannot wait to meet the kids, friends, and family. Your celebration will be so beautiful and fun, I’m so excited!!! I still can’t get over how blessed I feel that our paths crossed and that your wedding date opened back up. You two are so amazing and I feel beyond honored to be a part! See you soon!!!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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