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Quidnessett CC Vow Renewal: Karissa + Royce


The weather could not have been more perfect on Sunday for this amazing couple. After quite a few rainy days in NE, I was overjoyed to see that the rain cleared and the sun was shining! It was like God knew how special this day was for Karissa + Royce. It was ten years ago that they committed their lives to one another, in front of some of their friends in…wait for it…. Las Vegas! I feel like you only hear about that in movies! haha… (even though they didn’t meet there, but still!) They felt there was no better way to celebrate their 10 year anniversary than to be surrounded by their close friends and family, having their beautiful wedding day they always desired. I feel the most special part about them celebrating their love, 10 years later, is that their two, beautiful children were able to be apart of it!

Of course as I arrive to the hotel, Karissa and her mother were beyond hospitable, very calm and relaxed.

I was super excited to shoot all of the pretty details as she was getting her hair and makeup done! 😍

They felt it was every-so-fitting to go with the “Vegas theme,” seeing how that is where it all began.

Each received an upgraded… she with the rock, him with the watch! So gorgeous!!

Her daughter was so adorable and the first one to be ready!

I love the details…

The finishing touches by the amazing Bleen from Hair Couture, in Cranston, RI. Both her hair and makeup looked gorgeous.

Absolutely stunning.

Her mother, Salonia,  helped finish putting her in her dress and her daddy was right there on her bouquet too.

Now you see where she gets her good looks from!?!?

So I snuck away and met up with the men to give them their finishing touches.

Royce looking super sharp!

I love how Royce told me that the only explanation for these two being together is God. Two people, from two different backgrounds, but unified in love.


I love seeing Royce with Jr…. so sweet!

That’s his boy 🙂

And Royce made it seem like he wasn’t good at taking pictures…look at that smile!

We left the hotel and headed to Quindnessett Country Club for everything to really begin! Royce waited eagerly to see his beautiful bride for the first time that day.

Such a sweet moment and time set aside for just the two of them.

Look at the way he looks at her!!!

So sweet…

The beautiful Mr. and Mrs!

She literally looks like a Barbie!!!

So gorgeous…

She’s flawless…

Royce has such a tender heart towards Karissa…he shared how she is the one who helped him grow and become a better man. She believed in him, didn’t let him stay the same. Now that is what marriage and love is all about.

The whole beautiful family!

I absolutely adore this picture… Royce and Karissa have become who they are today because of the ones behind them.

Royce with his little girl…they didn’t know I caught this sweet moment.

Mother and Daughter, both absolutely gorgeous!

Like mother, like daughter!

Mama and son.

These two are always laughing about something!

Daddy’s girl!

Rianna definitely isn’t camera shy and you know I lovvvve that!

The beautiful Ingram family.

Now it was time for the ceremony to begin, so I had to get all of the pretty reception details

I couldn’t agree more!

I love how Karissa had her children walk her down the aisle…with her daddy’s picture on her bouquet.

The ceremony was officiated by their good friend Jennifer.

The moment we all waited for…

Mr. and Mrs. Ingram!!

Time for their “First” Dance.

It felt like they were the only two people in the room..

Then they danced with their kids… beyond precious.

A very fitting and lovely toast by their dear friend, Cara.

Then we snuck outside to capture some gorgeous pictures down by the water as the sun was setting.

I loved giving them a chance to step away and just be together…

This definitely could be one of my favorites!!

Dinner was served and now time for the CAKE!

Oh I loves these two… ❤️

It just so happened to be their friend Maria’s birthday!!!

Party time!!!

When the DJ let’s you kick it with him… haha

DJDK kept bringing back the throw backs and I was not mad at all! haha

They know how to get down!

And that’s a wrap people!!!

Karissa and Royce, thank you soooooo much for allowing me to be apart of your special day! I know how much it meant to you and your family. It turned out beyond beautiful and you guys looked amazing! I am so happy that you were able to finally have your wedding day, surrounded by the one’s you love. Y’all really make 10 years of marriage look GOOD!

Thank you for trusting me and making this whole process fun and relaxing (just how I like it :). I know I will be seeing y’all and the fam in the future. I pray God blesses you both with many more HAPPY years of marriage and that you both continue to grow in love and intimacy. Y’all embody my favorite hashtag …#marriageissexy!

P.S. Royce, you need to finally take Karissa on her motor cycle ride 😜

Much Joy,

Charity HOPE


Behind the scene moment, as they were getting ready to walk down the aisle… I made it in one picture! (haha).  I love this family. ❤️

Just wanted to give a big thank you and honor to my hubby, Jeremy, for assisting me and helping me be able to do what I do! …this was just suppose to be a test shot, but I’m keeping it!! 😍 #marriageissexy

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  1. Cleola Donald says:

    You did an AWESOME job. The pics are beautiful!

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