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Providence Wedding: Robinson + Brenda


This past Friday was not your average summer day, as the rain began pouring down all throughout the day, in the city of Providence, RI. God truly was showering His blessing upon this amazing couple. Robinson and Brenda are such kind, loving, and sweet people. You have to smile when you are around them, it is absolutely contagious!
These two met, by literally the grace of God, as Brenda was desiring a Dominican, Christian friend, to come alongside her in the ministry through InterVarsity. They became the greatest of friends, doing missionary work together and just seeking God with their whole hearts.

Brenda was most attracted to his heart and his honesty. She expressed how genuine and extremly caring he is, which I totally can see. He loves his family dearly, and she finds it admirable. She loves how he seeks God and serves others before himself. He truly is an amazing example of what a follower of Jesus is. She did mention how he has nice butt! 😉

Robinson absolutely adores and cherishes Brenda’s heart. He truly believes she is the kindest and most compassionate person he has every met. He was most attracted to Brenda by her patience with him and her fear of God. She truly could see and understand the powerful calling He has for their lives. But I mean of course, he also felt that she was really hot. 😉

I never felt so much love and joy in one place! The presence of God’s love was evident and I am truly honored to have been apart of such an amazing day! The rain really could not have stopped this couple from being happy, and I admired that so much. These photographs are all that I have to show you, but I think you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about. ❤️

I loved all of her little details.

Her main ladies, getting all beautiful.

In love with these robes!

That ring though… 😍

Her makeup looked so perfect!

Just look at that dress!!

Absolutely stunning.

Brenda, you are simply gorgeous.

The Temple of Music was where they were originally going to have their wedding ceremony, but due to the rain, it was moved to indoors. So, after much persistence, I made sure to do their first look and portraits here! There was a covering, we all got a little wet, but the end result turned out amazing. They looked so beautiful!

Just look at his reaction!!! So stinking cute!

Just look at their smiles, they are so precious!

These are the moments I just truly love and am honored to be apart of…

Brendaaaa, STOP IT, please! So beautiful, its ridiculous!


I just love these two so much!

That dress girl… gorgeous.

Her main ladies! I love their unique tops, with matching skirts. So beautiful!

Brenda’s bridesmaids truly held her down and helped with so much of the planning, prepping, and tasks on the day of. It is such a blessing to have such, selfless friends in your life!

The guys just being guys. #Robinsonswatchonfleek

But really, none of them wanted to see that! haha

Brenda loves and adores her brothers so much!

She has such a close bond and love between her parents. Made me tear up…

The Bride’s family.

And the Groom’s.

Everyone has gotta love Robinson’s mama!

It was so great being able to have everyone together before the ceremony, before the rest of the eventful festivities. The portrait time had to have been my favorite. It truly was such a joy! But off the to ceremony we went!

Isn’t she lovely…

Yes, that is a tear in his eye. Where are the tissues?!

Has to be one of the sweetest moments.

The special prayer over their marriage.


There you have it, Mr. + Mrs. Robinson Adames!!!!

Then we were headed off to the reception, where I couldn’t believe the extravagant detail and decor. It was truly remarkable to see!

Their sweet heart table was breathtaking!

I just love all of the candles so much!

So stunning.

I mean come on, look at this cake! It even has a FOUNTAIN!

And here we have it y’all! Mr. and Mrs. Adames!!!!

They sure know how to party!

So much love….

They are so adorable, I can’t get enough of these two!

Now this part of the evening, after everyone ate the amazing Dominican FEAST (their families through down), it was time for the special dances. These by far, were my favorite mother/son and father/daughter dances. It literally looked like they practiced for months, but it must have been their latin flavor and that Sazon running in their blood, because these dances were incredible!!! So amazing!

Just look at this mother, she is fierce!

Daddy daughter dances get me every time! This was so precious.

Now it was time for these two to show off their moves and it was soooooo incredible and adorable! Regardless of the dance being upbeat, I got teary eyed.

There is nothing better than when couples incorporate their unique style and beautiful culture on their wedding day. I LOVED watching them dance together. It was beyond AMAZING.


Then everyone joined in on the dance floor for the rest of the night!

Everyone knew how to Partayyyy!

I love this!

Brenda and Robinson, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for choosing me to be apart of your special day! It was an absolute honor to be apart of. I enjoyed watching the way you both communicate and talk to each other with grace and love when we got together in the stressful planning process. The way you cherish and love one another is so beautiful. I loved watching how you both are truly free to be yourselves, and I think your foundation of great friendship made a way for that.

Thank you for blessing me and letting me see another couple who waited on God’s timing. You both honor God with your whole hearts and lives. I know that He will pour out a special blessing upon your marriage! I hope you are enjoying that honeymoon and I can’t wait to catch up when you get back!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. Ayleen says:

    Beautiful wedding, amazing family party, lovely couple and really photographic nice job!!

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