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Lincoln Woods Engagement: Debbie and Tyler


Saturday night was a quiet evening in the beautiful, green park of Lincoln Woods. The clouds started to roll in, but it didn’t stop us from creating beautiful magic. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. ☺️✨
Debbie and Tyler met through a mutual friend in FL, where Tyler was living at the time. Debbie was visiting down there and they hit it off right away. The funny thing is, Tyler is actually from RI, and it only made sense for him to move back here when Debbie and him wanted to further their relationship.

There is no doubt that Tyler knows how to make Debbie laugh. He has known how to do that since day one, which is what made her most attracted to him. Tyler has always had this way of making Debbie feel super comfortable, which allows her to be her true self. And of course, this is a recipe for these two having silly inside jokes, and yup, their own accent they talk in.

Amongst the jokes, you can totally sense the sweet love and care that Tyler has for her. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to take care of Debbie, the way that every girl deserves. The way he looks at her and admires her beauty is the sweetest thing.

These two are super excited to start their lives together; to continue working hard, building a home, and traveling together. June cannot come soon enough! I’m beyond excited to be there for these two on their special day! I know it will be beautiful, as they intertwine both of their cultural backgrounds to have there day best embody the two of them “becoming One.”

Debbie, you are stunning!

In LOVE with this hat!

In love with that ring!

They are too cute.


Just look at the way he looks at her. 😍

LOVE this.

The last bit of sun started to go down, as we headed to some beautiful greenery to end the night.

So sweet.

In LOVE with this dress. Debbie, you are so beautiful.

Love the way he makes her smile!

There is always time left for a little bit of first-dance practice. 😉

Oh Tyler, I just had to throw this one in there for you! Just be you boo boo. hahaha

Ugh, so stinkin’ cute!!!

In love with these two…🌿💕

Absolutely gorgeous.

Debbie and Tyler, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your love. It has been super sweet hearing more of your story, and getting to know you both better. I enjoyed our prayer, many laughs and Tyler’s jokes lol. I know that we are going to have so much fun on your big day!

You both will be in my prayers in the season of planning and preparation for marriage. I know that if you keep God at the center, this time in your lives will be full of joy and peace.

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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